Ermahgerd! Plaid!


What comes to mind when you think of the word, “plaid”?

Hmm..well first off those lovely, pleated PLAID skirts we wore in Catholic school when growing up,  and for one year of high school.  And of course now there is the kinky side of it, as an adult, because many men like their female to dress up as a naughty school girl for them.  Makes me wonder at times about the psychological implications of that, but then let’s not go there.  I wasn’t a big fan of the skirts back when I had to wear them, though I’ll admit it was very easy to figure out what to wear to school each day…the plaid uniform skirt, white blouse, white knee socks, and a blue or green sweater depending on the colors in the skirt.  Still not seeing what is so sexy about that.

Next on the list is Christmas!  Whenever I see plaid in green, red, black and gold, I think the holidays for some reason.  Ribbon, table runners, all sorts of things during the holidays that are plaid in those colors start popping up around Christmas.  I love it.

I also think of my son, wearing his plaid when playing the bagpipes.  Since he was just 12 years old he has played the pipes with first our local Sheriff’s department band, and then the Cincinnati Emerald Society.  He is quite good, and I was always quite proud of him.  He has been known to pick them up at any Irish  pub he happens to be in and just play, like he plays them daily, which makes my brother slightly sick because it seems most folks have to practice.

My son playing on St. Patrick’s Day (his personal holiday he claims, as he has a big chunk of Irish in his genetic makeup) a number of years back.

My son a number of years ago when he played with the Sheriff’s dept. band

Then I think of my brother, who also plays the pipes now, with the Cincinnati Emerald Society.  He too is rather talented, and I love seeing him in parades and at events playing, as somewhere in us is decent size splash of Irish genes, enough to give us all a doozie of a temper when mixed with our German and Hungarian blood.

Baby brother with his pipes

Which leads me to nearly 10 years ago on my 40th birthday when my entire family met for dinner to celebrate with me.  It was wacky fun, and as we were leaving there were drive-by silly string attacks on each other in the parking lot while my son and brother are tailgating with the bagpipes.  Bet no one there that day imagined they’d see anything like this goofy bunch!

This year on St. Patrick’s Day, my son’s official, personal holiday, he married the love of his life.   I had hoped he would dress in his kilt but he opted for a tux.  However they did have a piper at the wedding and reception, a long time friend of his from clear back to 12 years old when he first started playing in the Sheriff’s band.  During the reception the piper spoke for a minute about my son, then handed him the pipes so we got to hear him play at least!  The wedding is probably my happiest ‘plaid’ thought to date!

My son clowning around before his wedding.


The piper leading the wedding party from the ceremony down the street to the reception.


My son playing his buddy’s pipes at the reception.

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