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I think at some point in life we all dream of having wealth and fame.  To be a household name, with enough money to do whatever we desire on our bucket lists without worrying about how we’re going to pay the electric bill when we are done with our latest adventure.  Pulling up in front of a hotel in our limo, crowds going wild over our appearance when the door opens and our feet, wrapped in only the best designer shoes, hit the red carpet as we are quickly escorted by our security staff through the crowd.  I have no idea what I’d want to be famous for, mind you.  I cannot sing and I’m not one that enjoys being center stage so not sure that kind of fame would do it for me.  And I cannot act either so being a famous movie star isn’t likely to be my ticket to stardom either.  But I sure would not mind all the money and the special treatment that goes with having your name in lights.

Regardless of what would make us famous celebrities, we can dream of that kind of fame.  But what about the responsibility that goes with that well-known name and star on the Hollywood walk of fame?  I’m not talking about being a role model, because sooner or later a sports hero or singer is going to do something we do not want our children to emulate.  I’m thinking more in terms of the idea that having money and notoriety not being a free pass to act irresponsibly or even cross the line into criminal behavior.

In an article I was reading the other day, Top Celebs Banned by Hotels, I was a bit disappointed by the behavior of some, and not at all shocked by the behavior of other well known names of fame.  The  behavior of some of these  people is just juvenile and in many cases would land the average person in jail.  Do these celebrities think that their fame and money makes it acceptable for them to behave this way?  And when are we as ‘fans’  going to start demanding more from those we are making wealthy by attending their concerts and movies?  I don’t mean more as in above average, I’m just thinking in terms of responsible, adult behavior!

One example being John Travolta.  According the article it would seem he has a little trouble keeping his hands to himself when getting a massage in some hotels.  Never mind that the advances are on male employees, the mere fact that he would do this to anyone turns my stomach!  I wonder how long it would take a hotel to show a guest lacking fame and wealth the exit door for such behavior?  And Lil Wayne, he must have quite the reputation if he cannot even check IN to the Wynn, his reputation having preceded his arrival.  And then there is Britney Spears, behaving in a way publicly that no parent would permit from a toddler during dinner.  Some on the rest of the list were a bit of a surprise, others not so much.

What makes these people think that they are some how exempt from acting with some maturity?  Or is it just me?  Read the article and let me know what you think!

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  1. I can only imagine what those poor poor celebrities must go through. To be adored by people that they have no reason to even talk to. It must get pretty boring to just go spend spend spend all day long. So of course it would stand to reason that in order to maintain that “high” that they get from all the adoration; they must find newer, more disgusting ways to get attention. Afterall, they all live by the lyrics of that old Eagles tune “New Kid In Town”. If they don’t continue to demand attention, somehow everyone will forget them. And move on to the next “flavor of the month” celebrity. Couple that with the media’s willingness to follow them around and basically dare them to “do” something that they can write a story about and take pictures of. And you’re right, sooner or later, they screw up and do something that even our brain dead public won’t approve of. At this point, it’s almost as though they are tryint to “one up” each other with the crap they pull. Yuck..

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