10 Things On The Floor Throughout The House

I suppose I should mention that these 10 things on the floor throughout the house are not necessarily out of place, just things I noticed on the floor as I toured about in order to join in today’s Monday Listicles because I’m in the mood to write.  Well okay perhaps they are out of place and this will serve as a list of things for me to put away.  There is a novel idea!

10 Things On The Floor

1.  Backpack from the little girl I watch before and after school.  It is in the living room on the floor where she unpacked her homework.  She’ll be taking it with her when she goes, nothing for me to do here.

2.  3 catnip pouches are visible, one right next to my foot here in the kitchen, under the table.  Our cats are little nip-heads and love to lay around the house getting high.  Hmm, nothing to mess with here, it keeps them happy and they know  when we move their things.  It upsets them. They are OCD.  We just learn to live with it.

3.  A large krinkle ball that is another cat favorite, and since they are not ones to put their toys away it is down on the family room floor.

4.  A crochet bag is on the floor in front of the love seat.  My sister is working on a gorgeous blanket for my grandson so it is sitting nearby her at all times.  Not really out of place to be honest, as that is the place she will camp and work on it later.

5.  3 Avon boxes are currently sitting on the living room floor because I’ve been a bit lazy in getting them down to the office.  I have no excuse to offer, just lazy.

6.  Pillows from the other love seat in the living room, because it is hard to sit on it when the decorative pillows are on board.  I can use the excuse that well, someone might want to sit down later…right?

7.  Hello Kitty slippers are on the floor in my bedroom.  I rarely don’t have them on my feet so no point in putting them in the closet, as I’ll just pull them back out again in no time.  That is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

8.  A stray tissue that hadn’t made the trash can in the bathroom off the family room, because someone missed their 3 point throw.  That has been fixed!

9.  Froggie rug in the bathroom at the top of the stairs.  But he belongs there and on mornings that it is cold out he is a welcome covering to the tiles to keep bare feet from the shower from getting chilled.  He can stay put!

10. A glass tomato that is a paper weight but is currently doing duty as a door stop in front of my bedroom door, lest the breeze slam the door shut on one of the cats,  or trap one in my room and they not be able to get to their litter box, which would be a crisis.

Yep that about covers it.


    • Yep and they are MY slippers! 🙂 I love them, the flip-flop style, all pink, soft and her little face on top!

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