SPAM Cafe Friday

My spam folder on email is always a real treat on those occasions I decide to actual browse through it all.  I never open any of it because I never know what is really in the emails, but the titles alone are always good for a laugh.  Today is no exception.  I cleared it before I went to bed, and this morning there are 42 emails waiting in the junk mail folder.

The Menu today:


Asian Dating

I now have access to a list of Asian singles near me.  I’m not sure what to say, as I am not looking for any hot, Asian chicks to date. Or men for that matter.


Seems it is open enrollment time and they don’t want me to miss out on my chance to be on medicare.  Pretty certain I don’t qualify.

Bed Bugs

Awww…someone wants to protect me from the little blood suckers with bed bug defense.  Thanks but we don’t have that problem.

Hair Loss

Someone named Bosley wants to help me with my hair loss issues.  Funny, I don’t have those, however if they make the cats stop shedding…

Dell Laptop

No less than 5 different places are trying to send me a Dell laptop, via Fed-Ex and all I need to do is provide my shipping address!

Addiction Counseling

How kind, they want to help me with my addictions.  Doubting they have any assistance for addictions to social media.

Get Bigger For Her!

Oh yes, no spam folder is complete without male enhancement products.  I have nothing I need to enhance, sorry.

Increase Your Mobility!

The Scooter Store wants to help me maintain my mobility.  Nice but I’m not having any issues unless they can fly!

It does make me wonder how successful these places are at gaining new customers or identity information from poor unsuspecting folks that really think they are getting a free laptop.

What’s in your spam folder today?

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