Fat Bottomed Girls Wake You Up Rudely

No no, this is not a post about one of the many fat bottomed boogers that continue to stalk my writings (though if the spandex splits honey, wear it proudly!).  The reference is about the song, “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen.  It is one of my all time favorites of the band and somewhere I have the CDs though not at all certain any longer where they are stashed.  The song is set for my alarm on my phone.  So bright and early this morning my room is filled with the song.  At 6:30am it is a RUDE sound, very rude.  But it does the trick, I’m up and at ’em and chipper!  🙂

I love mornings when it is quiet and peaceful.  Even rainy days like today are nice in their own way.

This morning as I was sitting here looking at the stats on my blog dashboard.  97,459 visitors have  been to my blog since it began 31 months ago (as of this writing).  That averages out to over 3100 a month.  In the beginning the numbers were lower and most folks were coming to get my side of the  divorce story saga, or relish the raw pain and struggle for happiness.  I had moved to this page from my previous blog because I was not longer to be the wife of my hero, my Prince Charming, the fire fighter.  I left that blog page up, From The Mind Of A Fire Fighter’s Wife because I hate to destroy anything I took time to write.   I started this new page when we began the painful time of ending our marriage.  But most of the time the posts here were not about my divorce and over time my following has grown in great numbers.  I’m must be sharing something here that causes folks to want to check it out and return.  I’ve even been offered money to write posts for my blog for various businesses, but I’ve resisted other than one free, charity post.

My thoughts are always mine, the struggles and triumphs and deep thoughts I share come from my heart.  I share quotes and images at times that are not my own but touched me in some way. I guess what I am saying is that I am simply amazed at the number of readers I have, and that it won’t be too long now and I’ll roll 100,000 visitors.  And that just leaves this fat bottomed girl in awe.