So Many Pins, So Little Time

*walks to the podium, head lowered, adjusts the microphone, and speaks softly, “hi, my name is Marti and I am a Pinterest addict”.  From around the world millions chime in, “Hi Marti…..”

Seriously, that would be me, where does one sign up for pinner anonymous?  And I am not alone.  It used to be I heard “oh, are you on Facebook? Add me!”  No one asks anymore, because pretty much most of the free world and then some are on Facebook, now everyone just adds you without asking.  That can be a tad awkward when you get friend requests from people you only know because you sat next to each other at a stop light.  And you know that isn’t  that much of an exaggeration.  Even folks in witness protection have a Facebook.   In fact, I find it difficult to trust anyone that is NOT on Facebook.  Like Long Beach, who you will remember has surfaced again.  He doesn’t have one.

For the record, I did give Tumblr a try, but frankly not impressed.

Pinterest…just WOW.   At first I didn’t get what the big deal was, what was so cool about it.  When I first wanted to check it out you had to be invited by someone else, making it feel like some really cool, virtual, exclusive club.  Now everyone and their grandmother’s maid is on there.  And it is no wonder everyone is on there!

Think of Pinterst as virtual bulletin board and filing cabinet for all of those things you see in a magazine that you want to keep.  Instead of stacks of magazines in the basement that you will never touch again because you cannot remember what it was you wanted to keep, you simply pin things to your boards under your account.  You organize it as you see fit.  At first I just did it for fun but now, I see the serious potential in this.  I pin recipes I want to try, decorating ideas for various holidays, tips for organization, cool looking rooms like home offices to give me ideas for the future.  I even have my dream board on there to motivate me for my business.

I’ve found myself actually using the pins too, like this one for example.  I have a pair of jeans that the zipper refuses to stay up.  Loose or tight fitting, this pair is one of my favorites that floats along with me as my weight shifts, but the zipper is always slipping down.  I saw  the  answer on Pinterest and pinned it:

Not sure who thinks of stuff like that, but thank you!  I LOVE this.

I have 79 boards that I pin things too.  Organization and cleaning tips are among my favorites.  I’ve tried to get my sister-in-law, Martinis Needed, to take the plunge but she is holding out on us.  She would eat this thing up! Even men are getting on Pinterest and pinning all kinds of stuff they want.  I could seriously see my ex-hubby and brothers doing it.  You can pin pretty much from any site and the picture lands on your board but clicking it takes you to the webpage or article you found it within.  I have a board of blogs I like to keep up with so I don’t have to try to remember them or find them in my ‘favorites’ list.  I can also follow others pins, either all of their boards or particular ones.  That was a trick to adjust to at first for me!  I have friends that are into cake decorating, I am not, so I don’t want to see 100 photos of cake ideas. But they have other boards I am interested in the items so I follow those and when something crosses my feed I like or want to remember, I repin to my boards from theirs.

Below is my Christmas Tree Board.  I LOVE Christmas and I’d have a tree in every room if they’d allow me too!  So far, 2 trees add to our decor each year, so far. Waaahaahaaaaaa!  And beneath that is my organization board. It is my shameless attempt to get Martinis Needed to try it out, as she IS the queen of all things organized.  You can click —> HERE to follow me on Pinterest.