WHY I Am An Avon Lady

It seems like SO long ago I was going to work every day in an office. For 26 years I worked for a company, spending a good deal of time at a desk, in front of the computer, working in that office away from my family. I missed a lot of important times in my children’s growing up years because I HAD to work, we needed the income.

After the economy went belly up, so did that job I had worked at for so long. I took a job managing an office for a painting company, but when late Autumn hit the job was done. Then I went to work for a heating and air company, but they went the way of the economy.

In an effort to generate some income I made the decision to start in-home childcare. Within a week I was watching 3 kids, all siblings. I picked up a part timer after school and an infant after the holidays that year. Not too bad, but that left me feeling like the walls were closing in on me. I was home, all day, sun up to sun down. I loved watching them, make no mistake about it, but it didn’t get me out of the house. My conversations were about characters in the popular children’s television shows. I needed to do something that would get me out of the house when possible.

I had always loved Avon products so I decided to look into being a representative. Imagine my shock when I found out it was only $10 to start my own beauty business. I met with Renee, my ‘upline’ person, learned a lot in an hour, and I was off! No inventory, no big expense, just $10 out of my pocket and I had my kit, I was an Avon lady. And I was excited!

Immediately my mom and sister decided this was an opportunity for them as well, and they signed up! I was already building a downline and I quickly found a few customers. This was pretty easy, so I stuck to it.

One of the first benefits was the monthly district sales meetings. I was connecting with other women, having intelligent conversations and learning about running my own business in a very fun atmosphere. This group of women made me feel like one of the team, applauding accomplishments, sharing ideas, it did a lot for my need to have something outside of the house, a hobby of sorts.

It was early on that I saw the potential for real income with Avon. While some women do it just for the hobby or outside interest, I saw the opportunity to make this a career. I started looking at the top sellers, and the ‘rich and famous’ of Avon. The Lisa Wilber and Barb Avery types. I read their web pages and blogs, watched them in videos, listened to them in interviews and thought to myself, “if they can do this, so can I!”. These were not people that went to Harvard for business degrees, these were average gals with a dream and some desire to achieve those dreams for themselves. And OH have they achieved the dreams.

I knew what I wanted, I wanted to work for ME. To sleep in some days if I wanted too. To be my own boss and not have to answer to anyone else if I wanted a sick day because I was sick of doing anything at all. And I wanted financial independence, freedom to buy what I want when I want it.

Not being one to reinvent the wheel, I started to study the things the top achievers like Lisa and Barb were doing. I kept going back and listening to their interviews, reading things they suggested, and I began to apply those things. And with that, I began to see some success.

I also started to gain something I’ve struggled with…self confidence. Every sale, every recruit, every mile stone I’ve achieved has fueled my self confidence. I look at myself in the mirror and I KNOW I can do this, and that one day I will be up there in the top ranks, and my name will be a household name among the other Avon representatives. That people will want to know how I achieved my goals. I KNOW without a doubt that I can have my dreams, my ‘whys’ for even starting this. I know this because I’ve seen others that have done it, and I’ve seen the beginnings of the mile stones starting to be achieved for myself.

Once school got out this year, I stopped watching children and launched into Avon full time. The first thing I realized is I don’t have to work 40 hours at this every week. I can do this 25 hours a week IF I really work it for those time periods. And I realized that this can be a part of everything I do each day. If I am out window shopping, I am prospecting other women! If I am at the library, I will talk to anyone about this opportunity. If I pass women at the coffee shop, I give them each a brochure and get their contact information so I can touch base to get their orders. Every where I go there is opportunity! And I can do it all day, every day, any chance I have while going about my LIFE. Yes, I have a LIFE and I’m LIVING that life while achieving my dreams and whys.

The best part is I get to help other women (and a few good men!) do the same thing! Spend more time with family, really LIVE life while making the money, achieving their dreams and goals, or just enjoying a hobby. Whatever it is they want to get out of this opportunity, I am helping them and making life long friends a long the way.

Avon is the #1 direct selling company in the world. I am proud to be a part of that. I’d be honored to have YOU as a part of my team!

Simply go to: Start Avon and use the code: martigardner when you sign up online. You will need a credit card for that $10 investment. Your starter kit will arrive in 3-7 days. And you will become a part of something special…an opportunity to work with some of the best people around, make new friends, achieve your goals and dreams, and work for YOU! I will help you, train you, support you and cheer you on! Why NOT you? And why NOT today?


  1. Hey I am trying to sign up under you but the codes you gave me aren’t working and I really want to get this started but I cant get the right info to sign up under you HELP!

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