Guidance From A Grasshopper

I  should probably clarify right up front that I have not actually spoken to a grasshopper, or for that matter had one speak to me.  But I did gain much inspiration from a moment with two such insects (I  think they are insects….bugs for lack of a scientific name) just last night.

Lately I have been spending a good deal of time learning from webinars and teleconference calls all about how to really succeed in my direct marketing attempts.  My ever adoring fiance would  tell you that I need precious little assistance in this area as he knew me years back when I was marketing in another time and place and was rather darned  successful  if I do say so myself.  His creativity and boldness  is rather inspiring but I’ll get to that some other post.  I’m hijacking my own blog again because as usual,  my inner Diva (she is one  seriously ADD little  snit) is going in 18 directions at the moment.  Anyway I’m sucking up knowledge and inspiration faster than my front lawn would do with water at the moment. It is so dry (everyone’s is around here) that I’m certain tossing a lit match in the grass  could  easily burn down the entire west side of the township.

The problem with knowledge and inspiration is that it is worthless if not put into action.  I can sit here all day and dream of laundry  that is clean and smells of fresh air and spring time, thanks to the fabric softener, but until I  haul myself to the laundry room and actually engage the washer and dryer, my socks are still dirty and smell foul.  Same goes for my success in Avon.  I can make a dozen dream boards of photos of all the things I desire to have when I am successfully crowned Senior Executive  Unit Leader but until I actually make  use of what I have learned and put it in action, the title of SEUL shall remain ever elusive.

Last night I once again was given a lesson from my cat.  Actually it came from all three of the felines that shed themselves all over our home grace the Diva Den with their purring presence.  The two grasshoppers mentioned earlier managed to gain entrance into the house at dusk.  We became aware of the first one when the house queen cat, Noel,  our big,  grey tabby, was stalking the poor thing.  It didn’t  take long before my cat, Pixel, was also stalking the wretched little hopper.  They chased it about the house eyeing it and then as they sat there studying it on a  curtain in the living room, Ditzy came dashing in,  took a long, high jump and snagged the grasshopper and made off  with it, legs wiggling from her mouth.  Seems that they are quite the tasty little things because she refused to share her trophy.  This  did not sit too well  with the other 4 legged furry ones but that’s what happens when they take too long to plan.  Later, when the second pest got  into the  house,  once again there are Noel and Pixel, with the big, juicy opportunity on the closet door, studying it intently, and in comes Ditzy.  She jumps over them,  halfway up the closet door (which is a big risk for  her  as she is the only cat we know that doesn’t always land on her feet) and once again she snags the prize through ACTION.  The other two sat looking dumbly at each other then at her as she once again dinned on the prize.

My district manager, an absolute power house of ADD energy jacked up on steroids (at least we think she is), posted on her inspirational Facebook page the following picture.  The cats provided the visual aid that drove home the lesson.  Plan and plan but if you don’t act, you have nothing, and someone else will swoop in and claim the prize.  On that note I’m off to work my business, putting into action some of that precious wisdom I’ve been soaking up!