Yet Another Lesson From My Cat

I’ve noticed my beautiful baby has a tendency to sleep…a lot.  If reincarnation was a reality, I’d want to come back as a pampered house cat.  Mine is pretty darn pampered.

Lately my baby has been irritated  with me and hasn’t slept in my room, let alone with me in weeks.  My being in love and in a relationship seems to have threatened her comfort level.  Not to mention being a cat she is highly OCD and if I am gone over night it totally screws up her neat little world.  I completely understand that, I’m learning that I am not only rather ADD but I have some serious OCD issues, and I do NOT like my neat little world order messed with one bit.

If I sleep away from my home, anywhere other than my room, it messes with my brain for days.  In my room I have created for myself a haven, a nest of sorts.  It is MY space, and I researched  color psychology when choosing the color in order to have an atmosphere of peace and tranquility here.  When I am stressed, being in this room calms me down and helps me think.  When sad, my room helps sooth my nerves and bring me a feeling of peace.  It is the one place that is all mine, not shared with anyone but my cat.  And in her world, for things to be balanced, she expects to find her mama sleeping there at night.  She seems to sense that I am mentally and emotionally fragmented the past 24  hours, and headed for a slight melt down.  She was on my dresser, one of her favorite hang outs, when I got into bed last night.  As soon as I turned off the light she jumped down on the bed and curled up by my leg, where she remained the entire night.  She left in the early hours of the morning just before the sun rose, then returned and stayed until I woke up.  Then she came and curled up by my head for a love fest of ear and chin scratches and purring.  Now today she has followed me all over the house like my shadow.

The  foundation of life has been yanked out from under me a bit the past 24 hours or so.  Well okay, more like just rocked hard.  Too much too fast and I’m overwhelmed to say the least.  I noted that when Pixel gets ‘stressed’ she goes off to a dark, cool place and sleeps.  Being one that hates the dark and fears it, I prefer at least soft light coming in the window.  But I’m all over the cool temps and sleeping.  So I did that.  I turned on my fans in my room, providing a nice ‘white noise’ that kept me from hearing anything else.  I shut my door and curled up on my bed and just slept.  Pixel got up on the dresser and watched over me while I was sleeping.  My thoughts are still in slivers, but I’m letting them just cascade down until all of the pieces fit into a picture that makes some sense to me.  It was not a real restful nap, but long and it did help some.  I considered crawling under the bed  and hiding, another trick of Pixel’s when she needs her  space, but I am pretty certain my big butt wouldn’t make it under there and I’m too claustrophobic to find it anything but unnerving.

A song came to mind (I love how healing and soothing music can be) when I first laid down to nap, it’s been stuck in my head since.  So, I leave you with one of the few Beatles songs I really love.


  1. Yeah, there a precious few Beatles songs that I like, and I may have heard this one a time or two, but it is a nice on in this version. Hope all is going well. Remember that breathing thing they thought us when giving birth. It didn’t help me any then, and might just cause you to hyperventilate, but think of the cheap high it would be…LOL


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