DING DONG? Yes Please!!

While yesterday was in fact my first official day as ‘just’ an Avon Lady, today was my first real full time day of working it.  I love my job,  no doubt about that.  I’ve loved this since the day I signed up a year ago.  However I REALLY love this job today.

Right out of the gate I called the customers that I had orders for and set up time to deliver their products and collect the money.  I enjoy this time, I love meeting new people that phoned in orders and I really enjoy the smiles when I show up with their goodies.

Because my sister is full time as an Avon representative, we went out together.  It is a lot more fun with a partner in crime so to speak.  We book bombed (tossed) 1000 Avon brochures  throughout various neighborhoods on our side of town while we delivered the orders.  I even enjoy that part,  it is like spreading seeds in a garden of customers.  It doesn’t hurt that the two of us can find fun in just about anything we do together.

Then we began the process of prospecting.  We took many ideas from our recent leadership training workshop we had attended a few weekends ago, putting into practice approaching strangers,  leaving prospecting flyers under windshield wipers, and sticking notes with our contact stickers on them and hand written,  “Need $$? Call me, I’m hiring!” on ATMs, pop machines and newspaper stands.  The goal is always to talk to as many folks as possible, and get contact information.  Once we have contact info they are considered a lead.  We each got 5 leads today and countless unknown ones from the fliers, stickie  notes and book bombing.  It was a GREAT day.

The best part was we slept in,  getting out of bed when we darn well felt like it!  Then we were able to socialize and window shop all day,  all the while talking to a lot of very wonderful women about Avon.  Every single woman we spoke with said the same thing, they did not have an Avon representative!  I’m told only 13% of the women in my area are serviced by an Avon Lady or Man, which means a huge potential customer base.  I have so much work to do!  🙂


If you’d like to give Avon a try for some part time/supplemental or full time income, please contact me and let’s get you started.  It is the best $10 investment you will ever make.  Yes, JUST $10 and you are on the way to limitless earning potential while enjoying one of the most FUN jobs you will ever have!


  1. My daughter is interested in selling Avon. She’s only 14, but I would basically sign up to sell it and she would sell with me. She has a youtube channel where she does makeup reviews and gets a lot of subscribers and viewers, so she thinks she could use that as well as just around our neighborhood. Since I’ve been a reader of your blog off and on for the last year and a half… I thought I’d ask your advice about signing up. I signed up YEARS ago, but I wasn’t able to do much with it at the time. I think that we’d have a great time doing it together, now that she’s old enough to appreciate makeup (and she’s really good at it too:). Do you have any advice?

      • That would be awesome. We are in the process of moving RIGHT now, but we should be done by mid July, so we will sign up then!!! I am excited:) I will probably have a few more questions between now and then. For right now, I’m going to have her look at your site and see what she likes the most:)

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