Soggy Doggies & Other Oddities

My sister and I were invited to attend a leadership trip to Avon’s Zanesville, Ohio, distribution plant today.  We had to leave home at 4:45am, so right about now (6:16pm) I am ready to pass out from exhaustion.  This was a total and complete honor for us, and OMG was this amazing!

As is usually the case with the two of us, we had entirely too much fun on the ride up there.

We stopped at a McDonald’s to grab more coffee and use the ladies room.  WOW, have things  changed since I had small children.  I closed the stall door to a spacious ‘potty’ spot, sat down and found myself looking at a chair mounted on the inside of the door, complete with straps.  Frankly that  kinda creeped me the heck out.   Oh don’t get me wrong, having had to use the bathroom with a small child in tow in my distant past, I get the need and the idea is really a good one as it keeps the little  crumb crunchers out of trouble in a germ infested area.  But my first, very sideways and wrong thought, was “oh, a midget bondage chair!”  Yes, I know, wrong and sick.  My Biker appreciated the sick humor when I shot him a picture of my view from the top of Mount  porcelain.

We got lost, sort of, thanks to mapquesting the directions.  We left the highway 2 exits too soon and the address turned out to be a high school.  But that is okay, because while driving through that area we found some rather interesting businesses.  One called the Splash And Dash car wash.  Next door to that is the Soggy Doggy pet groomer.  The topper was the strip bar in what appears to have been an old church.  Ice the cake with what appeared to be life size iron sheep, horses,  cowboys and some other barnyard critters on the one sidewalk, and well you have one very interesting little town.  We were in tears from laughing.

The rest of the day was, to us Avon reps, the beauty industry version of crack for druggies!  It is a fabulous distribution center, high tech, and totally amazing!  It makes me appreciate what I do for a living all the more.  It was a huge shot in my mojo.  Doesn’t hurt that all of us that went are a peppy group of ladies bursting with excitement for the brand, Avon.

See what one misses when they don’t run with a totally crazy person like myself?  🙂

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  1. I can relate to the potty experience too! I was just telling my husband the other day how amazed I was at all of the “new and improved” inventions that are now. I’m a mom of three. Ages, 18, 14 and 12. Yep, sure could have used that gadget back then! Thanks for sharing!

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