I <3 Free Shipping!!!

I LOVE free stuff!!! And especially FREE shipping when I order anything online.  Free is good, free means instead of paying through the nose to ship something, I can spend MORE money on things I want to purchase because those items  will ship to me FREE.

This is a one use code per customer, but I have a code you can use on my Avon website to get FREE shipping on ANY size order if you use it before 5/24.  Use it now, before you forget and are disappointed later that you didn’t take advantage of the awesome sales and especially things for Memorial Day and Father’s Day that are in the current brochure on my site.

Just go to MY AVON STORE, and click “Shop My eBrochure” to see the latest book!  Click it and you can page through the catalog and then click items to order!  When you go to check out, use the code  FSMAY1 and your order will ship to you FREE!  Best part? It will be there  within a few days, right to your  door step!

Don’t wait and miss out on the  FREE shipping!  OH and don’t forget, purchase your Bug Guard now, it was a mild winter and the mosquitoes etc will be in abundance this year!