Feathers & Sushi

I received a text this morning from my baby girl, asking what I was doing.  Next thing I knew she was at my door, kidnapping me for the day.  Her end goal was sushi  for dinner, for  Mother’s Day.  But first she wanted to wander Kenwood Town Center, a local mall for those with money to burn on expensive crap they don’t need.  Well, okay, there are things there folks probably need, but I honestly believe if I walked in to Nordstrom’s alarms would sound and a voice would say over the intercom “this woman cannot afford to LOOK upon our selection, let alone purchase anything.  Please escort her out of the store at once.”  We didn’t even wander in there.

We DID browse other places and I found a few things  that I simply MUST own.  One, is a an Austrian Crystal chandelier, at the Disney Store of all places.  It isn’t for sale, it is part of their store display.  The floor is a beautiful, midnight blue tile with sparkles in it like diamonds.   I am so all over that except I want a “pink brick road” with diamond sparkles.  After all I AM a princess!  The chandelier had lights shining on it, making it appear PINK! OH HELL YES!!!!  I plan to have an office in my home, from which to run my Avon business as well as my future husband’s business.  I MUST  have this hanging in my office, or something similar, but with REAL pink crystals.  Okay not real crystal, that is an insane, over priced non-necessity.  Just pink do-dads will be fine, they can be plastic or glass, as long as the darn thing is pink!

Upon wandering to the back of the Disney store, we spotted a pea pod, and when we opened it, we found it contains 3, adorable little peas!!!! Again, I must have this.   I do not know WHY I feel I need it, I just do.  And I will go back and buy it one day to put in my office on a shelf, or my desk, because it makes me smile like a little kid.  That alone is a good reason, right?

We strolled into the Godiva store for chocolate, because the daughter gets a free piece every month because she belongs to their chocolate club.  She purchased some chocolate covered strawberries while we were there, that are as big as a toddler’s fist.  Then we sat on a bench and ate those until I thought I was going to be sick to my stomach from the sugar rush of that and the cookie crumble  mocha whatever the hell it is from Starbucks that she felt we simply had to consume.  She had a gift card she had purchased for a former boyfriend turned-out-to-be asshole, so we used it.  🙂  I had enough sugar in me to crawl up the wall and across the ceiling!  Frankly,  and I told her this,  Esther Price chocolates are way better than Godiva.  Just sayin.  The guys I used to work with, when I had to send them to Europe for work, would bring me back Godiva and other chocolates from over  seas.  I’ve sampled a variety from many countries.  You can keep them all, Esther Price has them all beat!  But hey, it was still pretty tasty!

We wandered into the Swarovski store and browsed dozens of adorable, high priced crystal objects.  And that is when I spotted the Hello Kitty items.  OMG!!!!! I love Hello Kitty!  I was even wearing my Avon, Hello Kitty watch today!  I know, right? AWESOME!!!!  These are way too damned cute and if I could justify spending $205 on each of them, not to mention the other items, I would, but 2.5 inches tall of crystal, for that price they better clean house and do laundry aside from being adorable.  I was stopped by a store clerk, and told I was not permitted to photograph the items.  Oh WHATEVER!  I was able to slip this shot in before we left. WAAHAAAHAAAA!  That necklace in the back of the photo? $270!!! Like I’d walk out of my house wearing a necklace that cost that much??? But it is fun to look, dream, and then move on.   Just not my style.  Too many cute,  AFFORDABLE Hello Kitty items to be had.

We also stopped by the Reggis salon and had a feather put in my hair.  I’ve always wanted one, another one of those things various men in my past frowned upon.  My daughter has one now, and that motivated me.  I know only too well that my Cowboy Wolfman will love it, because it makes me happy and that alone would cause him to encourage me to get one.  I love that man for letting me just be ME and loving me for who I am.

After we left the mall, we headed to Dancing Wasabi, a sushi place she loves.  The last time she introduced me to sushi was at a Thai place.  It was just okay.  This time? OMG STOP THE PRESSES!  It was to die for delicious.  Yes, I’m so sold and will again dine there with her, hopefully soon.

It was a very fun time, celebrating Mother’s Day, with my amazing baby girl.  We laughed a lot, dreamed a lot,  and shared some special moments.   I love making memories. 🙂


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