Moobs & Dryer Sheets

I heard a new word today:  Moobs

Moobs are man dinners, or man boobs.  I like that, very amused by the word.  Show me your moobies and I’ll throw ya some beads! 🙂

I was also attacked today by a dryer sheet.  Yes as in the fabric softener sheets you put in the dryer.  See, I do not wear underwear/panties.  I know I know,  OMG WTF TMI!!!!!  I hate them. I’ve spent a good portion of my life picking the darn things out of the crack of my rump, so as I have NO reason whatsoever to wear them (sorry grandma but I’m thinking if having clean drillies on when I’m in an accident is a thrill for some paramedic or ER staff member, then NO panties would be a bigger one), I don’t.

Today I am watching 5 kids because I missed my 3 little ones I used to babysit and as it is spring break at the 7yo’s school, I thought it would be fun.  I’m off my rails like that.  While moving around taking care of the 3 small ones (the 7yo’s are off doing their thing), I kept feeling like something was crawling around between my butt and my jeans.  Finally, while sorting laundry (yes I multitask), I slid my hand down between the waist in the rear and pulled out…..a dryer sheet.  Seriously.  I have NO idea if it slipped down from my sweat shirt, or if it was in the jeans when I pulled them on.  Thankfully it didn’t make it’s way down to be sticking out of the leg of my jeans when the tow truck was here to get my car (another story for another post) as that would have been super embarrassing.