Our district is hosting a WILD AND WACKY WEDNESDAY  recruit-a-thon tomorrow.

It is a chance for us to build our teams, and I want YOU  on my team.

YES YOU! If you are reading this I want YOU!

OH…I live in Cincinnati…you leave in New Mexico? YEAH!!!! I want team members  all over the country!

PLEASE take just 7 minutes and watch this video, made by another representative.  She ROCKS! LOVE her accent.  She is a REAL  person, REAL  representative that did this all on her own for other reps and herself to use.  Those are the kinds of women and men you meet working for yourself through Avon, awesome, creative, fun and inspiring.

PLEASE just 7 minutes.  THEN, if you think YOU might want to give it a shot, just go to START AVON (click those words) and enter the code: MARTI GARDNER and for $20 ($10 if you are in Cincinnati I can meet you in person and then there is no shipping – just contact me) and you will be on your way!

YES I do train you even if we are 1000 miles apart, say hello to SKYPE! It’s free, video chatting and between me and the free training online, you will be very successful.

SO, watch the video, and then get started!