Oh Yes I DID Check In There!

I’m a total,  social media  addict.  Well assuming it is a free app, I won’t pay to be virtually social.  I use:




Yahoo IM




I know I know, I’m leaving myself wide open for some boogie man.  You know, if the boogie man is after me, he will find me anyway.  I have friends who are very private souls and cannot understand the need to inform the free world where I am every time I change locations.  It’s a game.  Real people, better than life-like action figures,  doing real things.  I’m the star of my favorite REALity show, it’s all part of who I am and living my life before the world as an open book.  Besides, I don’t tell all,  there IS a directors cut.  I’m the director and I have some secrets and things not shared.

It is a game in that me and my sister compete for mayorship of various places on Foursquare.  We’ve taken things to the extreme and check into bed at night.  Me in “My Big Comfy Bed”, her over in ‘The Sandman’s Headquarters”.  I stole mayorship of her bed one night just being funny.  She found that creepy.  She decided the rule is you must be IN the location, not standing near it, to check in.  My sister-in-law stole off with the mayorship of the local Walgreen’s. I created a location for my Avon office, my daycare and my room.  Hey it’s all about checking in!

Sunday evening my brother found it amusing that sis and I checked in to the deck out back.  He asked if we checked into the bathroom too.  This sparked 2 new locations, The Princess Palace Upper and Lower Throne Rooms.  Sis quickly layed down the law:  You cannot just step in and check in, you have to be using the facilities or doing your hair to check in there.  I am currently the proud mayor of the lower throne room.  I know I know, we’re ridiculous.

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