PRODUCT REVIEW: Avon Advanced Techniques Professional Hair Color

Back in the 70’s, Avon sold hair color.  I’m not certain why but they stopped at some point.

Beginning in campaign 9, Avon is once again in the home hair color business.  As representatives we were given a free product, color of our choice, to try.  Being natural blondes around here, we are touching up roots often, as we dye our hair a cherry-cola color.  Red dye fades a bit fast, and when your roots are naturally very light, as they come in it can make your hair look like it is thinning rapidly.

My sister, Jeannette, and I use the same color from John Frieda.  We both chose the same color from Avon, that is closest to what we were using.  This is our review:

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Avon Advanced Techniques Professional Hair Color used:  Medium Mahogany Brown 5.65

Marti:  I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical about this product.  Until last November I had never ‘dyed’ my hair.  I am a natural blond and I’ve had highlights done for years, but back around Thanksgiving I decided to go ‘cherry cola’ in color.  As I have no experience, my sister dyes my hair for me.  She has been coloring hers and her daughters for years.  With 4 days to go til my son’s wedding, I figured I was nuts to do this, unsure what to expect,, but my roots needed done so figured what the heck, we have the free color from Avon, let’s give it a shot.  Since it was going to be a bit different, we opted to dye it as a color change.  Both of us used the same color tonight.

Jeannette:  Having used and applied well over 10 different brands of home hair colorant over the years (likely everything on the market), this is the most unique I have ever come across.   Never have I heard of or seen a pre-treatment with hair color.  The rule was start out with clean, dry hair.  I was skeptical as this pretreatment made the hair kind of wet.  That worried me, as I know how hard it is to get the colorant from root to tip of the hair, but when I actually applied the color mix, it was very easy to coat the hair, root to end.  It felt a bit like applying a thick oil to the hair and it went on VERY evenly.

Marti:  The first thing I noticed was the pleasant smell.  Usually dye has a harsh smell, but this was very nice.  I could also feel the difference as Jeannette was applying the color to my hair, a slick, thick, almost oily feeling.  Not at all what I was used to with the foam colors.

Jeannette:  As the person applying I am having to step back several times from the intense chemical smell of dyes, but this time I had no problem at all.  It didn’t irritate my nose or eyes, and does in fact have a fairly nice smell to it.  Also, when dying hair, you end up getting it on skin to some degree at the hair line.  A trade secret my daughter taught me was to use a little dye from my hair to rub on the skin to wipe it off any residual color, with cotton or a tissue (dye removes dye).  However, this wiped right off, without any hard rubbing, very easily on a tissue!

Marti:  After the processing time, my next surprise was the post-treatment.  WOW!  It is thick, almost like a soft margarine, and felt amazing in my hair!  I couldn’t believe how great my hair felt after as well, very soft as opposed to a dry, straw like feeling I’m used too after coloring.

Jeannette:  I was really happy how it didn’t drip during processing and it rinses out very easily!  And that post-treatment, feels like whipped butter, rinses out super easily, and even my hands are soft from it!  Both of us have soft, shiny hair too, which is something I have never seen with other brands.  It is multi-tonal as well, like natural hair color.  As the light hits it you see reds, browns etc, varying shades like you would if this was your own hair and not an applied color.

We are both highly impressed, and cannot say enough about it!  Once again, Avon has surpassed our expectations!

Your results may not be the same as our own, we can only speak for ourselves from our experience.  We will be using this again!!!


    • I LOVE their hair color. Have switched to blond now that I’m back to being blond, still every bit as pleased!

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