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I have a lot going on in my brain today so both of these blog memes/hops seemed to be in order.  I’m linking in to both and if you are in this same boat today mentally, link up by clicking their icons/badges above.

    • Yesterday I posted about being spoiled like a princess over the weekend.  This was great, only now I am having to dig out the mojo.  Probably wouldn’t hurt to listen to a few inspirational interviews or read in one of the many books on my reading to-do list.  I have so much to do for work with my Avon business, and no desire to jump on it at this moment.  Denial? yes I do that well.
    • My son’s wedding is in 11 days.  I’m mother of the groom, I am supposed to wear beige and be quiet.  At least that is what one of my aunts tells me my role is supposed to be.  If you know me you are well aware that beige isn’t a color on this woman’s wheel, and quiet? Baahaahaa!  Not a chance.  I’ve actually been very good though.  It isn’t MY wedding so I frankly don’t care what they do, it is their big day to plan.  I just willingly do whatever is asked to help make it a great memory for them.  With the possible exception of finding a dress.  It won’t be a matronly, typical fancy dress that you’d see on mama of the groom, and it sure won’t be beige.  I won’t buy it in a ‘wedding attire’ shop, that isn’t my style either, way too damn expensive.  I WILL find one in a department store or even consider a rental.  I mean really, where in the world can I wear it again??? I’m jeans and hoodie type, it takes a lot for me to go business casual for my Avon business meetings.  My daughter was close to appalled last night over dinner when I mentioned I still needed to get a dress.  She said “we’re going Saturday and you are buying something!”.  Hey no pressure…bachelorette party stuff that afternoon and evening for the bride and I’m kinda supposed to attend.  UGH.
    • I also have to figure out what to get my soon-to-be granddaughter for a wedding gift.  My son’s bride has a 7yo daughter, who he, I believe, intends to adopt.  She has no dad figure in her life apart from my son and she is already calling him daddy with great delight.  She is in the wedding and they are having a sand ceremony instead of a candle lighting, so that they can include 3 colors of sand to represent the 3 of their lives coming together as one family.  I just love this!  I want to get my little, spunky red-headed grandchild something but at this moment not sure what.
    • I have a presentation to do at the district sales meeting tonight on cute ways to increase sales for this and the next campaign.  I’m not prepared at all.  Big shocker I know.  Thinking I need to get it together.  Oh well I do my best work under pressure and nothing spells p-r-e-s-s-u-r-e like waiting until the very last minute!
    • Nothing says personal tropical climate like a hot flash, while standing over the heat vent when the furnace is on, watching for the school bus for the 7yo I babysit, and sipping hot coffee.  I cannot wait for the time to change this weekend, that sun in my eyes while watching for the bus is BRUTAL, and for this current ‘warming’ trend in this chapter of my life to be gone.
    Okay, time to rock the little princess who is tired, crabby and cannot seem to let herself go to sleep.


  1. I love the idea of a sand ceremony! How totally sweet! When my friend got remarried her daughter was 6 and she really had no contact with her father, so the new husband adopted her. They gave her a heart-shaped pendant.

    My mother wore soft purple with a bold purple hat to my brother’s first wedding. She was a dignified mother of the groom and no one was aghast at her choice of colors. I’d like to see the dress you choose too! 🙂

  2. 11 days and no dress yet!!?? I just had a panic attack for you! But I love that you’re not going with drab beige. That’s an awful color anyways. Good luck with the wedding. I hope everything is perfect for them. I love that he’s taking on a daddy role too.

    Thanks so much for linking up with us today!!

    • Thanks. I’m not to panic mode yet but if I don’t find something over the weekend, it will be full on panic!

  3. Oh I would not want to wear beige either (noone looks good in that! Plus it’s just too boring 🙂 )
    Good luck on getting all of your things in order for your Avon business.

    Hope you have a great day!

  4. I have to admit I’m a little chocked up about your son and his new role as “Daddy”. Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a Daddy. How about an engraved heart locket for a gift, little girls love jewelry!

    Thanks for linking up and welcome to TTUT!

  5. I’m going to be on the same page as you when it’s time for either Princess Nagger or the Little Dude to walk down the aisle…no beige, and definitely not matronly! I’m looking forward to seeing the dress you ultimately pick out. 🙂

    A good gift for your 7-year old soon-to-be-granddaughter would be a diamond necklace…it doesn’t have to be expensive or big or grand, I know Princess Nagger was THRILLED when I got her a snowflake necklace with diamond chips in it – because they were REAL. 🙂 She’d been asking for a ‘real’ diamond anything since she was about 6. 🙂

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