Monday Memos

Dear Self,

If ever I wish to stage a crime scene, I must remember that my current hair dye would substitute well for slightly old blood.  While washing my hair in the shower after dying it Saturday evening, I noted that the tub and walls looked a lot like a blood bath had occurred in there.  In a weird kind of way I found it rather cool!

For the record, of course I cleaned up!  No evidence left behind 😉




Dear Readers,

Need knock-off, high quality imitation Rolex watches?  Having erectile dysfunction issues and need something more natural than the little blue pill?  Want to save someone’s life that says my cooperation is a matter of life and death to hundreds of their people?  Maybe you want to assist some dude that works in an African bank and is sure that YOU are the lone, surviving relative of some rich soul that died and they want to transfer mega bucks to you and YOUR bank account?  Either way, I am your go-to girl.  Per my spam file on email I seem to have all the connections.  Hey, I’m cool like that, I’ll share!

For shits and giggles,



Dear Pinterest,

I hate you.  Okay not really but wow I could eat up hours and hours there pinning a few thousand cool things I can only dream of having the time to actually DO some day!




Dear Stalkers,

Hopefully you have all moved on and found better things to do than read my tweets and blogs.  But just in case you are still here (and we both know that you are because I am just that darned irresistible), here is wishing you are great week!



  1. I HATE all the spam I’ve been getting too. I’ve stopped tagging my blogs and everything and they stil line up to tell me how much they “love your blog Dude”. Yeah, you’re reading my blogs…LOL At least it goes in the moderation pile before anyone else has to read it. But it’s still sucky to get notified that you have a comment, but not really.

  2. Ha Ha Ha, that could have been me in the shower. I always kinda liked the way all the color looks all over the white shower tile. 🙂

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