What Does Facebook Say About Me?

The other morning our local morning news cast posted this question (on Facebook no less):

Do you think your Facebook profile gives an indication of your career potential? Your IQ? Your true personality?

Interesting thought, no?  I decided to have a look at who I am through my Facebook profile.  I’d invite you to go take a peek but at the  moment it is all locked up private like.  I  like to periodically deprive my various stalkers of their daily fix.  I don’t take Facebook all that seriously, it is a source of amusement…and can be a huge time waster.  But it keeps me sane when stuck in traffic, the baby is sleeping and the household chores are done, I can’t sleep at night, or I need to de-stress.

Okay what does my Facebook say about me as far as my career potential?  I’m driven when it comes to my work.  I have what is termed the protestant work ethic, so even if I do not really enjoy my job, I give it my all.  I’m told by several who are trying to lure me away from Avon to come and work for them that I’m great at marketing.  That is funny as I went to college for sign language interpreting, the marketing side just comes naturally to me.  I’m pretty darn creative and that comes through too, “they” that would like me working for them tell me.  Funny thing is I don’t even have to think about it, those things come naturally to me.  Facebook would say I do my job very well, I’m a dedicated employee, loyal and fun too work with too.

Facebook would also tell you that family is important to me.  I am close to mine and I am openly affectionate toward those I love in my end of the gene pool.  And my family is the same in return.  There are countless pokings of fun at each other, giving of support, and affectionate status updates and comments going back and forth  between me and those I love.

Another thing that stands out…I’m a poker and proud of it!  I am in a poke fest with several dozen friends on there, if you poke I poke back.  It’s amusing to me and obviously to others. Not sure if it originated as a form of flirting, but for me it is just a game.

Speaking of games, Facebook would tell you that, while I do play some of the games, I don’t take them too seriously and don’t devote that much time to them.  Somewhere, out there in cyberland, is a very neglected farm.  By now the weeds have so taken over that they neatly hide all the bodies of the more than likely deceased livestock.  My Farkle score hasn’t moved and I still have the same 700K + chips I had a month ago.  My focus has been on work lately, my sales, building and mentoring my team, and taking care of this cute little baby.  I also tend to go in spurts when it comes to any games.  I play/ed Farmville, YoVille, Mafia Wars, Farkle, Bingo Bash, Bingo Blitz, Zombie Lane just to name a few.  Some I stick  with, others bored me to tears.  Either way, I cannot stand to sit and play when I could be reading some book of value to my business.  Even when watching TV lately I find myself working and my shows are background noise.  My dad is retired, and declining physically, so for him, Zombie Lane and other games keep his mind alert.  I try to do a few things to  help his end of the games but in the end, games just aren’t that important.

Face it, it is funny.

My page would hint rather bluntly at my conservative political position. Actually I’m probably more middle of the road but my lean is conservative.  This country is all about being the land of opportunity.  That opportunity is to achieve your own American dream, not live off of mine.  So once  in a  while, though I do try to avoid posting about politics, I will share something that struck me as worthy.

This is actually my bible, highlighted, notes and all. It is a dear friend.

I have nothing hidden when it comes to my faith.  I am far from perfect and gladly admit that.  Sinner, right here, bigger than life.  Been a prodigal daughter of the most High too, but I’m working on that.  Okay HE is working on that, this is one stubborn student but little by little I’m learning.  I will post bible verses now and then that struck me in my reading, or some photo image that just spoke to my heart at the moment.

My page would also indicate that I love spreading inspiration.  When I find something I think is inspiring I post it or share it, hoping it does the same for others.  I am a person that sees the glass in life as not half full, but over flowing.  Sure, I have hardships, heart breaks and things in my life that go wrong.  I have a very vividly colored past, full of less than wise choices.  I wouldn’t change a single thing, it all makes me who I am today.  I love the songs Garth Brooks wrote, Standing Outside The Fire and The Dance because I think they speak volumes of how I live my life.  I also love P!NK’s song, Fucking Perfect, it IS my life! Wrong turns/bad choices, but I make it through.  And my life is so full of blessings and good things that those bad things are just lessons learned.  Facebook allows me to spread that, and anyone reading my page would have no doubt of any of that.  Does you glass appear only half full? Assume it was an engineering error and the cup was made too big.  Cut the top off or pour your contents into a smaller cup and see your life as over the rim with goodness.

Facebook is also great for me because I have a really fun, and at times quirky, sense of humor!  I LOVE life, love to laugh and enjoy amusing things.  So when I see something funny I tend to share it.  So, in closing I will post a bunch of the things I have had on my Facebook of late.  You can draw your own conclusions about me that way, or add me as a friend and go from there.  Enjoy!


  1. I love the A.D.D. one. I read it out loud and my hubby laughed!

    I don’t know that my Facebook page could get me a job. When I switched to Timeline, a couple days ago, it was so I could scrap a really cool header. But what my profile says about me? I have a lot of friends in Mensa, so smart people like me. I’m never there. But I have a really cool-looking page. Maybe I could get a work-at-home creative job!

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