My Vampire Nights

My sister-in-law, Trina, refers to those nights when you just cannot sleep as a vampire night.  Menopause seems to bring with it an entire phase of nights of the living dead.  It is just stupid ridiculous.  Lately,  that is right where I am too, awake far more than I am asleep and getting paler by the day (thanks to not tanning for several years now), and with this short crop of spiky, auburn hair I’m looking the part too. 

If that isn’t bad enough I’m starting on round 4 of some sort of cold type bug that leaves one coughing, sneezing like it’s my job and I’m working on a bonus check, and just feeling run down.  This not sleeping crap along with it makes for a tired Marvelous one.  The only thing that really works over night is Mucinex DM, which when I do sleep gives me off the wall nightmares.  Like last night’s, for example.  In one I was married again, to the ex-husband.  Not sure who that would be the true nightmare for, since he released me to pursue a better opportunity.  He DID repair my car in the dream, but I won’t go any further down that road.  I also had a wretched nightmare that I was married to The Count.  Being married to him is, quite frankly, more frightening to ponder than being again bound to the ex husband.  I’d far rather be back with my ex, if forced to chose, than the hell that would be in living as the wife of that control freak.  And in the dream, or rather vivid nightmare, he was indeed a living hell.  I woke from my sleep both times wishing that this medication that is so good at hitting my symptoms didn’t come with such a crappy side effect.

I slept, over all, 10 hours last night.  I did wake up a few times but was able to drift back to scary dream land fairly easily.  Exhaustion will do that, though hopefully it simply means my latest vampire phase is over for now.  Meanwhile I have again purchased a ticket on the Dreams From The Darkness Express for tonight.  Lucky me.  I should have interesting tales to share that my subconscious weaves through the night.

This all brought back to me the fact that I had stumbled on an old Facebook ID I used for playing Vampire Wars.  I needed more team members but didn’t want to let every Tom, Dick and Harry on my friend’s list so I had a bogus ID just for games.  The only ‘blond’ avatar option in the game had long blond hair.  I had short, spiky blond so I didn’t care for it and made my character the auburn look.  Now? That fits me perfectly as the hair looks a good deal like mine.  How dang appropriate!   So, as I head off on the nightmare train, hopefully I will find restful sleep and not be back in my vampire phase tonight.  But just in case, here is the look I’d be sporting if I were among the ‘undead’ of the night.


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