Why Not YOU?

We all need it, mad money.  That little bit of extra cash that allows us to buy lunch out at the office now and then, go out for a drink at happy hour, or to a matinee on the weekend.  Maybe you need it to take the kids to dinner or an  indoor water park on a snowy day.  Or maybe you need more than that, you need a part time income to supplement your family budget.  After all, many workers haven’t seen a raise in a few years and things are getting tighter by the day.  Maybe, like me, you lost your job when the economy tanked and need a full time income.

Why not try Avon?  Why NOT you, and why NOT today?

Save money on childcare by being HOME while you work to build your own business.  Set you own hours, be your own boss.

Alcohol, tobacco and cosmetics were the things during the depression that INCREASED in sales.  In every bad economy those things are on the rise.  We gals can live with being poor, but we’re going to look darn good doing it!  And when money is tight people change their spending habits.  Avon offers quality products in cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, every day, bath and body and more, that are top of the line.  They can do everything those expensive department store brands can for a considerable savings.  Don’t be mistaken, higher price does not mean better quality.  And with Avon, your customers have the convenience of shopping from their seat and not their feet.

You earn 20-50% commission based on your sales, so you can make as little or as much as you want.  Even if you just purchased your family’s needs (bath products, hair care, cosmetics, lotions/moisturizers) you’d have enough in sales to get quite a commission!  Our sales are always outstanding in the brochures, and as an independent sales  representative for Avon you would be getting those great sale items at an additional 20-50% savings!

$10-$20 to start, and that is ALL you need.  That small fee ($10 if you are local to me, $20 if you sign up online) gets you everything you need to launch your very own at-home business.  There is a wonderful amount of online training (free!) and you would be in my downline so you would get lots of help and training from me as well.  I use Skype to connect with my out of the area team members and for them to be able to attend the team meetings every 2 weeks!  With Avon you truly are in business for yourself, but not  by yourself.

I am always looking for ambitious men and women (some of our top sellers are men!) to join my team.  Why not you, why NOT today?

To join my team and start working for yourself, just go to START AVON and sign up with the code:  MARTIGARDNER

You will receive everything you need in 5-7 days to begin working for yourself.

Skeptical?  I’ve met those women making 6 figures in Avon.  Just check out Barb Avery, her and her husband got there in less than 2 years!  Watch her video on her site, “Our Story” for how they did it.  YOU can do this too!

Sign up today and join my team, I’d love to have YOU!