Proceed To Party!!!

I love a good party, but face it the cleaning before hand, then after it is over, the making of all those yummy foods…it can make being a hostess a real chore.  Now if you are hosting a party for a friend in a direct selling business, or booking a party from one you attended, then it can be even harder because you have to find an available date with the rep and hope people that RSVP that they are coming actually show up!  But the hostess gifts are always nice and that makes us want to do this all the more.

What if you could host such a party, earn FREE stuff, and not have the hassles?  No need to clean the house, no food to prepare, no hoping that your friends will have time to be at your party.  What if it was an eParty and it lasted a week or so?

Want to earn some FREE AVON?  Then I have a proposition for you!

You host an eParty with me and you get to earn free product of your choice!

It doesn’t matter where you live, once your eParty closes I let you know how much free Avon you can purchase. You place your order with me and I ship it to you at no charge! 🙂

Party Total      Your Earnings:
$100-$149            10% in FREE product
$150-$299           15% in FREE product
$300-$499           20% in FREE product
$500 &  up            25% in FREE product

Contact me to set up your eParty!