PRODUCT REVIEW: Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid

I am a complete skeptic, as stated in early posts, when it comes to the promises made by skin care lines.  Yes even Avon, and they are my bread and butter.  But after trying the Reversalist regimen from the Avon Anew line, well I was sold that yes indeed, it did wonders for my skin.

In Campaign 4, Avon releases the latest product in the Anew line, in conjunction with the 20 year anniversary of the introduction of the Anew line of products.  This new product is Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid.  Avon says it is “79% as effective as a professional microdermabrasion”.  My skepticism was on full on alert.  We were given samples of this product at our last district sales meeting so I took it home and decided before I tried to sell my customers on this I’d try it for myself.

I have some deep pitting around my chin and lower jawline from battling adult acne in my early 30’s and would love to be able to afford a microdermabrasion treatment for it, or a quick lift face lift.  But I am nervous about any cosmetic surgical procedure and they are pricy.  So imagine my delight when I started to see improvements in my skin from using this product!

The first morning my skin did feel amazing.  I’m 2 weeks into this addition to my regular skin care regimen and I LOVE this product.  Yes, there is a visible difference, the over all look of my troubled skin is improved.  I am looking forward to seeing what 8-10 weeks out will look like.  I am completely sold on this product and highly recommend it.  I love when I try something and can tell my customers that yes it really does what it says!  The texture of my skin is much better.

Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid is available in Avon Campaign 4, for an introductory price of $20.  Normally $38 it is on sale this one time, you do not want to miss this.  A little bit goes a very long way!

It is available through my Avon online store now!!! Orders of $30 or more ship FREE.  And remember, Avon has a satisfaction guarantee, if you are not happy with the product they will refund your money.



    • YES! Just be sure to allow the first one you apply to dry/absorb completely.

  2. I love love love this new product and will NEVER stop using it! I have had a major issue with acne and I noticed a change in my skin in just three days but now it has been more then 2 weeks and wow what a change. My husband even said that my skin looks beautiful and my co-workers are asking what I am doing. I have far far less oily skin, no drying, far less wrinkles and my scars are little by little disappearing over night. THANK YOU AVON…I really have spent thousands on chemical peels and microderm treatments and this is better….no after affects like the treatments and each day that I wake up my skin is newer.

    • AMEN! Me too! I have very deep pitting in my face from adult acne and this product has done amazing things to improve the look, feel etc of my skin. When it comes to my face I am terrified to have surgery done (face lift etc), and this product has helped me to look great at my age! SO glad you like it. Be sure your Avon rep is aware, we reps love hearing the feedback! And thank you for being an Avon customer!

    • I do hope if you are not satisfied that you contacted you rep. Avon will refund your money if you are not satisfied.

  3. I am 77, still work full time, have used Avon products since my 30’s. Understand one person thought the resurfacing fluid was drying. Would you recommend it to someone of my age. I already use the retexturizing pads.

    • I have not noticed any issues with it drying at all. I apply my moisturizer over it once it has dried. I use the Genics at night over it. My mom is 68 and swears by this product so I don’t see why you couldn’t use it as well! 🙂

  4. Hi does anyone know anything about if you use glycolic acid to long you get no more results or even in time conditions worsen? I’m curious because I was going to add this to my regiment.

    • I have never heard that you can use it too long or that things would get worse. If you call the Avon customer care number on the site they can direct you to the right person to answer that concern.

  5. Haven’t tried this yet but I have the glycolic acid drops that are part of the Rejuvenate set and LOVE them. Seems like these may be the same thing just changed to the Clinical line instead?

    • On another note both this and the peel they offer are amazing!! I am in my 30’s but have always had skin issues… the results I’ve had from the entire Anew Line are amazing.

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