#30 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks!



Time is the one thing of value that we cannot make more of, find more of, discover etc.

We’re given one life and a limited amount of time to live it.

Being single means I have more freedom with my time to do things I need or want to do.

Like building my business.

Juggling a relationship (2 since starting Avon) made it hard to devote enough time to keep the relationship and the business growing at the rate necessary.

The business is my money, my livelihood.  Getting it to where it can support me is critical.

I was married 2x, the first just 3 years, the second, 22 years.  I know what kind of time and commitment that takes.

I don’t have time for a friend with benefits let alone a relationship.

Being single….Time…it is all mine and on MY side right now.



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