#28 & #29 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks!



It happens, this thing called Drama.

For some of us simply waking up means there it is, waiting for our eyes to open.

Others…well they have to try harder I suppose.

Drama is going to happen in a relationship.

Be it with friends of his/hers, family, whatever or whoever, drama will occur.

Unless of course you are single.

No drama with his mama….

or sister, or niece, or whoever.




Holidays are stressful enough without trying to split them down the middle.

His parents want you at their house, her parents want you around their table.

No one wants to give, especially the couple, when it comes to traditions.

Our family always does….

Thankfully, when it is just you, there is no need to worry about where  you will spend a holiday or if it can be split in such a way as to make everyone (except the two of you) happy.


  1. Yes, there are too much drama in relationship on the name of tradition. But at the end-of-the-day it feels great to be with the person you love, and who loves you alike. The reason of being single rocks…but the happiness of being with family is unique.

    • Oh I agree, was married for 22 years, raised 2 awesome kids, but when someone smashes your heart in the dirt, then the next 3 men do similar things, it is time to embrace being single and the benefits to that one doesn’t have in a relationship.

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