Monday Listicles – 10 Things Before I Die

It is Listicle Time!!!!


  1. I want to live to be at least 100, and be in decent enough condition physically and mentally that assisted living is the most I will need in my old age.  I like taking care of myself, thank-you very much.
  2. Grand kids – a bunch of them!  I’m getting my first on St. Patty’s day when my son gets married to his beautiful bride and inherits a giggly, adorable, red-headed 6yo daughter. I hope there are many more to come from both him and my daughter, when she one day marries.
  3. A woman president of the United States.  I don’t think it is time yet, but the day will come and I hope to see it in my lifetime.
  4. A way to slow down the aging process, I’m just not ready to get OLD yet!
  5. A pill to keep the weight/fat off and get make me all slim and trim!
  6. I want to achieve complete financial independence, security and not ever depend on anyone again.
  7. Great-grandchildren are something I want to see happen and KNOW them!  My grandfather knew my children, his great-grandchildren until my daughter was 6 and my son 12, when he passed away.  I want to know mine and know them well.
  8. Ireland, Scotland and Germany.  I want to go to Germany because my family has its roots there and Denmark.  Ireland because some of them were from there, and Scotland just because.
  9. I want to marry again, and this time have it last forever.  Out there is some man that wants to keep me, not suck the life out of me and then leave me broken hearted.
  10. In keeping with #9 – I want to know real, true love, that lasts.  The kind of love that never gives up, sticks to the promises at the alter, that MEANS the vows taken, and never gives up.


  1. What a great list!:) When you get those pills that make you slim and trim, please send me some, too!

    I am in total agreement on the living til 100 and being able to still enjoy life. I want that as well. Actually, I want the whole list!

  2. Great list. Love your number nine and ten and hope they will come true for you. And if you ever head to Germany make sure you stop in Berlin. It is really a great city.

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