#16 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks!



Colors.  As in hair color.

For years I wanted to dye my hair just for the hell of it.

The ex-hubby was not in support.

He also didn’t care for it when I dyed just my bangs pink, said I’m too old for that.

Not against it either but you know that “look” you get from the significant others that says this isn’t one of your best ideas, so you don’t do it.

The ex-boyfriend was totally against it, he “fell in love with a blond”.

And by going red it made me a different  person?


Now, I am happy with my new color.

My daughter tells me she loves it and not to go back to blond.

Being single means I can sport any color of the rainbow without caring what anyone else thinks.

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  1. Yeah, for hair-coloring. I’m lucky that hubby really doesn’t care what color my hair is, he even thinks sometimes it’s too tame… I like really red, reds and stuff…but usually go with whatever floats my boat at the moment!!! 🙂 Enjoy whatever color you like!!!

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