10 Activities I love

As a part of the 100 Things I Love series, here are 10 activities I love.  Not necessarily in any particular order, and by no means and exhaustive list!

  1. The Museum Center – I LOVE going to the Cincinnati Museum Center,  so much so that I purchased a single season pass for myself, with parking!  I enjoy looking at the various exhibits of Cincinnati’s history, as well as other parts of the museum.  I also enjoy the films in the Omnimax theater.  I could spend hours just looking at the model of this city from years gone by, each time I go I notice  something new.  When done, I enjoy the gift shop, I could spend hours in the book section!  If you go with me be prepared to spend time READING about things in the exhibits, I don’t like to just wander through, I want to learn!
  2. Moonlight Tour of Spring Grove Cemetery – This past year I went for the first time and it is a definite must do again.  I had no idea how much history is in that cemetery and under the moonlight it is just beautiful.  And yes a tad spooky but that makes it fun!  I toured the Civil War section and next year will be certain to sign up for a different tour (they offer a number for the moonlight tour night) to learn even more about those buried there.
  3. Picnics for two – A beautiful day, a good friend (male of course), a basket full good foods and some wine.  Laying on a blanket enjoying the shade and breeze.  Talking or silently napping on a sleepy afternoon, that to me is a great time.
  4. Small towns – I enjoy walking through small, historic towns like Aurora or Madison Indiana.  Shops, a little pub for lunch, just a lazy day of walking around enjoying the sights and sounds.
  5. Motorcycles – Nothing says de-stress like a ride on a motorcycle.  Wind in my hair, wrapped around a friend and riding like it’s what we are paid to do.  My best times with a dear friend have been days when we rode the entire day, a few hundred miles and some relaxing places along the way.  I’ve only really trusted 2 men to ride me, the ex and Mr. Wonderful.  Hoping for some warm days and LONG rides again in the Spring.
  6. Darts – as in throwing them.  I suck big time but I enjoy it.  I am the only person I know that can hit a trash can 10 feet away from the dart board and at floor level, but I did it!  I got into it while dating a friend, now my son tries to help me when we go out for a few beers to catch up.  It’s sad though very funny to watch.
  7. Walking – I love to walk, but really don’t do it enough.  Great time to clear the mind, work through a problem, or talk to a friend.  There are two parks near me that have walking areas.  One is just a track with a few hills but nothing major, next to the Ohio River so I can watch the river traffic.  The plus is the trains come through on the other side and I LOVE trains so it is a great place to walk.  The other park has trails, with gravel paths.  More than a few hills, some are serious butt-kickers, through the woods, over a creek…it is a wonderful place to walk if it isn’t wet out.  Good exercise.
  8. Watching TV – not many things I like to watch, but when I do, I have a select few shows that will land me on the couch to view:  CSI, CSI:NY, NCIS, NCIS LA, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds and football.  These are about the only things I will take the time to watch on TV.  Usually this is a Diva gathering with mom, sis and the nieces, popcorn and some beer.
  9. Bowling – again, I totally suck at bowling but I enjoy it.  My sister and I were in a league for a while, with the ex-hubby and my kids.  It was a good time but haven’t been in one in a long while.  I think I might need to take that up again!
  10. Crocheting – My hook and some yarn are always a great way to relax.  Lately I have 8 projects in the works and none is close to complete (except for Mario’s Bengal blanket).  I am not sure why but I seem to have a touch of ADD of late and just cannot seem to get focused on them.  I need to get at it again, best way to watch TV without feeling like I’m lazy and doing nothing constructive is to work on a blanket.


  1. Those sound like fun things to do. I love wandering through museums and taking my time about it… not so easy with 3 little ones right now. I also love the same TV shows but don’t get to watch nearly often enough!!!

    • I’m watching re-runs of Criminal Minds on A&E tonight, figure I’m down with a cold so it makes it okay to watch reruns…right? 🙂

  2. One of the last things I got to do with my Mom before she died was go to the Omni. That’s a great place. I suck at bowling too, but I love to do it when my nails aren’t too long. Darts I’m really good at, although I haven’t gotten to throw in a while. I even beat your friend a time or two. And of course I love riding. Nothing better. And Florida is PERFECT for it.

    • Damn and that friend is pretty good too! Anytime you are up here and want to meet up for a few beers and darts, I’d love too get together!

  3. I agree that I don’t really want 119 prompts, although I may use some of them, I really like the 100 things! Can I invite myself to join you? I’ll have my 10 activities later today. 🙂

    I’m totally with you on the small towns. Everywhere has something to offer a tourist that really wants to see and learn. I’m also the same with darts and bowling. Just because I suck at something doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

    And Museum Center is such a fun place, from the museums to the IMAX to the Squished pennies. It’s also a fantastic looking building!

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