#11 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks!

Chick Flicks


No one to whine about you watching Steel Magnolias or The Notebook over and over again.

Let the mascara run down your face, fall in love over and over again with a dynamite leading man, wish all you want for those story book romances and no guilt for enjoying Sex And The City.

Grab the tissues, a bottle of wine and some chocolate and watch those chick flicks!


  1. These are making me sad for the relationships you must have had. You deserve a man who will watch the chick flicks with you… cry with you… let you steal the covers and only snore if you are wrapped around him because he needs you so much, that even in his sleep, he knows when you are really there… A man who will never make you feel bad about your weight, and love you emotionally and physically no matter what you happen to look like that day/week/month. I’m glad that you are taking time to find your own happiness and that you are healing from the “man” who so badly burned you recently. I hope that if you decide to look for a relationship again (or one happens to find you:) that it is a real man who deserves to be with someone as strong and as wonderful as you and doesn’t feel the need to change you in any way.

    • Thanks Byn. 🙂 It will take one very strong personality to mate with mine but I am sure he is out there.

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