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Yes, beginning Sunday, 1/1/2012, I am back on the Spark. And on My Fitness Pal too.   I have a wedding coming up in March, my son is getting married, and I don’t want to be shown a seat over in yonder pasture.  And frankly the older I get the harder it is to drag a few extra pounds around with me.

I’m not unrealistic, 10 or 15 pounds is the the most I will have shed by the wedding, if I do this safely (and I will) but I am happy with that!  Then I will be motivated to keep on going!

In the past I’ve posted this at the beginning of a new year…then did nothing with it.  Difference this time is in my seeking knowledge to expand my direct marketing business (Avon) I’ve learned from the experts in sales: write down your goals and you are 75% more likely to achieve them.  Keep them in front of you.  SO, every day my goals will be there on the wall next to my desk along with my business goals.  In front of me daily to motivate me.

It is NOT easy for me to put out here in public what my weight is, even though I love my curves because they are me.  I still know that this weight is not healthy, it is hard on my joints that already cry in pain from arthritis.  So from now on I will keep it very public.  I need the accountability. I need the motivation.

If you opt to join either or both sites, as I have, they are FREE!  Oh and add me as a friend.  We’ll motivate each other on down the scale!


  1. Well the title makes more sense now. I could have sworn it said “SPANK” instead of Spark. Which of course, got my curiousity going. lol.

    You can do it!

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