I Am NOT Alone

There is a grave  misconception that if you are single, you are alone.  That poor, lonely woman/man, all alone in the world.

Excuse me?  I am far from alone or lonely.

If I wanted to reactivate my dating profiles on all the dating sites, I’d have no end to the dates.  No kidding, I had dated 13 men thanks to those sites, in a very short period of time.  The Count being number 13, evidentially he is NOT my lucky number guy. OR maybe he was, he showed me I was still caught in the cycle of being a pleaser and that had to stop.  No more  bending me to mold to someone elses specifications.  I could start that whole saga again, many of those men would still love to be on my dance card.  I know this due to the sudden influx of communication when I changed my status in life back to single.

I have a multitude of friends, both men and women.  At any time I can find a male friend to go have a beer, a sporting event or something a bit more intimate.  I have girlfriends I can call to go hit a movie, dinner or a cemetery tour (don’t judge, it was by full moon and very cool).  My kids love to do many of these and other things.  My Divas, yes we all love this and more.   I have plenty of people in my life to fill any need I have on a friendship or social level.  If I stay home and do nothing, it is my choice!

Single does not mean lonely or alone.  Single = FREEDOM!  INDEPENDENCE!!

Other than my work responsibilities, I can come and go as I please!  I see who I want, when I want, do what I want when I want to do it!

Lonely? Hardly.

Alone? Really? Nope not at all.

If I want to sleep next to someone, that can be easily arranged too. Yes, I have friends I can call if I want to spend the night in the arms of someone special.  Believe me they need to be special to make that list.

My point is:  being single doesn’t mean I am lonely.  It simply means I am not committed to anyone….but me!

In the new year I plan to write 365 reasons that being single ROCKS.  I know that is a huge undertaking but I think I can do it!  Every day I will find some reason why being INDEPENDENT is awesome!


  1. Ya know, I always found it funny how many male friends suddenly found time to make contact with me again once word got out that I was single. Like some giant Bat Signal had gone off over my head. (I thought about calling it the Bat-SINGLE, but then it occurred to me that it could be confused as an abbreviation for the Bat-Shit-Crazy-Signal. Can’t have that, though there are people that are single because they’re Bat-Shit-Crazy, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t apply here. Don’t get me wrong, you’re still a little Bat-Shit-Crazy, but in the way that we all are with our eccentricities. Ya know, Normal Bat-Shit-Crazy. Not Crazy-Bat-Shit-Crazy. And single. I’ve lost myself now.) Might not have heard from them in months upon months, but within a week of a break-up, all of a sudden they found my contact info & were conveniently thinking about me. And of course, they hadn’t heard that me & so-so had broken up – my, my, my. Well isn’t that just a bit of serendipity, them finding my number and me being single again all in the same week. Good grief!
    And that was pre-Facebook or Myspace. I can’t imagine what that would be like now.

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