Why I Should Be Jenny Craig’s Spokesperson

I should be the Jenny Craig spokesperson.  Really I should.  Or Weight Watchers or Nutri System, not really picky but I SHOULD be with one of them.

Think about this.  Each of these weight loss organizations uses celebrity spokespersons to pimp their programs on TV and probably radio.  These celebs all have a ton of money.  They can afford and use personal trainers!  Sure, they probably eat the food (yeah right), but like old Oprah they have someone pulling their sorry asses out of bed and on to the track, treadmill, or weight bench.  Or all of those.  Sure, the food plan likely is a good thing, but really it has more to do with their personal trainers than anything, count on it.

See, they have all the advantage over the average consumer of weight loss products. Tons of money to spend to get in shape, dieticians etc, so I just don’t believe that these weight loss businesses are really the reason they are looking like models when done.  These chicks looked like that before any of these reduction wizards helped.

How about using a REAL person, someone that isn’t able to afford the trainer, who is not already in amazing shape.  Some woman that is lazy but LOVES to eat.  Someone like me!

See, my budget is tight so um trainers are OUT.

Food? We are intimate buds, totally into each other and our relationship is unstoppable.

I need assistance, no doubt about that.  Oh and I cannot afford to join or purchase their meals.  So as a spokesperson I’d get them, free.  And what better way to prove the effectiveness of these programs than to have a real, non-famous person try them?  I think it is a splendid idea!  Someone quick, start a Facebook page, get the Marvi One the position of spokesperson, let’s see just how good this stuff is!

Unrealistic, I know. But it sounds good!


  1. I agree. Now I would be a great one! If they could get me in shape – that would be something to brag about!! I have a good 150 pounds to donate to the cause!
    That’s like The Biggest Loser too. Sure, someone is cooking for them AND browbeating them into intensive exercise constantly. I would love to know how most of those people do at keeping up with it.
    Get me a chef and a trainer and I could probably drop a person or two! lol. Of course I would still have to face the fact that I am basically lazy and love to eat all the wrong stuff!

  2. Oh my gosh! I had this exact conversation with my hubs. I hate it when everyone’s like “With diet and exercise…blah, blah, blah” when truth be told its personal chefs and trainers yelling at them to get their butts in gear.

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