A Little Change Is Good..

And if a little change is good, a dramatic change is FANTASTIC, right?

Well yesterday I went for that dramatic change.  I dyed my hair cherry cola.  It is hard to really get a feel for the color, later I will get that part but just a little peek at the drastic difference between my natural blond and my now dark hair:

When the lighting is better I’ll snap a better shot.  The color is called deep cherry brown, and there really is a cherry/purplish hue to it that I just love.

It’s what I do when my world flips on end, as it did with my recent heart break.  I make a big change.  I like it!  Wait, no I don’t like it, I LOVE IT!!!  My daughter did too. She told me when she saw it last night that it makes me look younger and for her really like it then it must have been a good change.


  1. It looks really good! Did a change myself after having platina bleeched hair for a while. Got it back to my original color of light brown and found out it really suits me fine. /Cheers from Sweden! 🙂

  2. A little change is always good, it’s taking that initial step that is the hardest though. It’s great that you’re open to new things and take risks. Great post:))


  3. Hi ! the color makes your face look a lot more mysterious like a “femme fatale ” or a spy in a john le carre book ! awesome !

  4. At first, I couldn’t buy the idea of you changing from a blonde, BUT, your new style really brings out your eyes! Enjoy!

    • Thanks. Going to get it cut today into something ‘edgier’ what ever that turns out to be 🙂

  5. I like it! I think since you’re letting go of the tanning, that it warms up your features. I’ve tried a similar color before (a little more auburn) and it made me feel like a hot tamale! I hope you enjoy it.

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