Where It All Happens

I saw a post thread recently about what your blogging space looks like.  I thought it was a cool idea, and even more so when I was able to capture my room in a panoramic photo with my phone!  So I have one of those and then other shots that are  just regular.

Most of my blogging is done right here, in my bedroom.  It is essentially my nest, my very own spot in the world.  I chose the color, bedding, everything.  I love my room!  I purposely have the desk by the window so I can watch the seasons change and things going on outside or sit in the breeze when writing.  I found the bedding while shopping online before we ever moved in.  I waited until we knew we had the house, then started looking for something I liked to make my  room a haven for me.  Once I had the bedding and curtains I picked the color of the walls.  I knew anything would go with the black and white so that was a good choice.

I moved furniture around a number of times before I settled on the way it is now.  I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted until I got it this way.  Then I finished decorating by hanging things on the walls.  I love the finished product.  It isn’t Better Homes & Gardens, and sure won’t win any awards, but it is MINE. 🙂