Pros, Cons and What If


  • He makes me laugh and smile
  • I very much enjoy his company.


  • He is always working
  • He is way too busy to even text much if at all in a day
  • He stopped sending “good morning” texts because his day is starting too early in the morning now
  • He falls asleep in his recliner then goes to bed at night, no longer sending a text telling me good night
  • He has stopped the random “ILU” texts over time
  • In fact anymore if I don’t text him I’m not sure I’d hear from him on any given day.
  • I feel like an after thought that gets any left over crumbs if there are any
  • He finds time to update Facebook or accept friend requests but not send a short “hi” text
  • We never talk on the phone during the week
  • I see him one day a week, and anymore that is usually watching him work around his house
  • We have such little contact it is as if he isn’t even there
  • I feel more like an option than a priority
  • Relationships don’t grow without time spent together
  • I need more from a relationship than what I’m getting sitting here on the shelf waiting my turn in his busy life
  • If he told me tomorrow that it isn’t working…I don’t think I’d be all that upset because it’s already like he isn’t even there most of the time

What If

  • What if what I’ve been looking for has been right there in my ‘own back yard’ or in front of me all this time?
  • What if I take the chance and see if it is what it seemed it might be? What do I have to lose?
  • What if I don’t take the chance? What do I have to lose?


  1. Marti, listen to your gut feelings. You are the same special woman that you were before him. You shall continue to be special. Amen.

  2. Crap crap, crappity crap. I had a feeling something had changed. You didn’t “speak”…(write) as much as you had recently about him. I am sorry. But before you do the “what if” with someone from the past……I think that I’d think about: If it were meant to happen with ????? wouldn’t it already have happened? If you go backwards instead of forward, would you be “settling” for less than what you deserve? Maybe new would be better. Take a break over the holidays. OR…take a chance. It’s in your power to make the decision. Good luck with whatever you decide.

    • Dunno what to think, was just trying like hell to get my relationship figured out…and suddenly discovered that I’ve been deleted from his facebook? No explanation just gone. Go figure

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