Shelving 2011 ~ Box 9

I follow The Single Woman and that is where I was inspired to come up with this year ending purging from my life. The first post (Life’s Changing Landscape: Shelving 2011 covers the how/why, the rest will be the 31 things I am shelving from 2011 that will not go with me into the new year, the full list of posts pertaining to what I’m purging can be found here: Shelving 2011.

Box #9 is a definite problem area for me.  PROCRASTINATION.

It’s a larger box, though not the largest, as this IS a bit more of a problem area than some others.

I have  no idea why I am this way, and it isn’t about everything just certain things.  When it pertains to my Avon business it is a very bad issue, customer service is important.  Some projects I tackle quickly while others for some reason I can start but then I never quite seem to get to them.

So tonight I even started out the practice of not procrastinating.  I called every customer to tell them that I have their orders and set up a delivery schedule.  I have no earthly idea why this has been a task I put off, as I am plenty social and love getting to know my customers, but it is!  Well tonight I determined not to do that and I broke the mold.  I know from a recent webinar I attended that I need to train my brain, alter my way of thinking about things.  I’m working on that.

Eat That Frog was a great book dealing with 21 ways to stop procrastinating.  Thinking I might want to re-read that.

SO from now on, I’m shelving this bad habit and determining to “eat my frogs” every single day!


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