Friday Favorite Things

friday favorite things | finding joy

I stumbled across this in following another blogger named Marti.

Being a person that finds joy in simple things in life, it is right up my alley to reflect on this past week and find some of those joyful moments to share.


One of my favorite things is watching this little darling growing and changing.  I am an in home daycare provider.  My kids are grown up, 21 and 27yo, so I miss having babies around.  I get my baby fix with this one, Kinsey.  It’s especially fun on Mondays to see how much she has changed in just the weekend.

I love the house I live in with my mom, sister and 2 nieces.  The backyard is a park like setting and one of my favorite sites is to look out and see wildlife right outside the sliding door by the deck.  It is odd to see them like this at lunch time, usually they are here in the morning,  but then this area is starting to get over run with deer.

I bought myself some new jammies this week and some sweater socks.  I love warm jammies and silly socks.  My cat isn’t so sure about them though, she seemed concerned I might be replacing her.

I love those impromptu visits I get from my kids, especially when food is involved.  My daughter phoned the other night and said she was coming for dinner and was going to make apple pie…in our kitchen.  She did it from scratch, even the crust!  It was delicious! She trashed the kitchen in the process but kudos to her, she cleaned up after herself later!


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