Wishful Thinking Thursday

I love this blog idea.  My fellow blogger, Nota, hosts this one.  Not sure if she has a link-up for it yet but the gist is this:

Take 5 out of your day and dream…and share it.

If your day dream was today, right now,what is happening?


The coffee in my cup never gets cold, but it always at the perfect drinking temperature.

The made-from-scratch, including the flaky crust, delicious apple pie my daughter made us, that I just had a slice of for breakfast, does not in any way impact my scale or waist line.

I have 500 women in my down-line, we are hitting 1 million in unit sales a year, and I have someone else I am paying to unpack, check the invoice, and bag up my Avon orders.

I’m driving a cute, PINK, 4-wheel drive pick-up truck with the Avon logo on it and my 800 number, and when people think “Avon” around these parts they think of me, Marvi Marti, THE lipstick diva!

I have no money worries any longer, I’m financially independent.

I am married to my dream guy, we live in a spacious but not ridiculously large house.

I have my lap doggies and my cats.

Every room of my home is decorated very tastefully and festively for Christmas.


It may all be wishful thinking, for now, but it WILL be my reality one day, mark my words.


  1. Aw, thanks! I kinda put this one on a shelf for a bit due to lack of interest, but I’m starting to think I need to dust it off again. 🙂 Way to envision that positive future you’ve got ahead!

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