The Fairy Chronicles ~ Psssst! I Have A Secret… in a secret identity!  Only better, I’m a superhero of sorts.  Well, no, better than a superhero, I have mystical powers and can fill more than one role. I’m a fairy!  *giggle*  Okay wipe that smirk  off your face before I do it for you with my magic wand.  Of course you didn’t KNOW this, it’s a secret!  But I am going to let you in on it anyway, just don’t tell anyone, okay?  I don’t have time for the mob of fans wanting my autograph and I have enough duties to perform within my own realm without special requests from others.  Grab your coffee and I’ll explain.

It just dawned on me this morning that growing up our house had fairies.  No really it did.  A laundry fairy, restock fairy, cleaning fairy…we had a bunch of them.  This came to me this morning as I was in my  tiara and tutu fluttering about (this is a no fly zone, it lacks adequate clearance for safe take offs and landings so no flying, only flutters) performing my magic while the mortals within these walls slept.  Stop smiling I’m serious now.  I’ll  share an example:

Once upon a time The other day I wandered into the upstairs bathroom to…well you know USE the toilet when, just before I sat down I noticed that the toilet tissue was all gone.  In it’s place was the empty, cardboard tube that had once held hundreds of 2-ply quilted sheets designed for gently wiping away all traces of…well you get the picture.  I pulled open the bottom drawer where we keep the stock and don’t you know, it was empty.  No surprise here, after all it is MAGIC that is behind the restocking of the  (shhhh) *whisper* toilet paper.  The box of tissues that resides on the back of the commode, that can be used in an emergency, was also empty.  Aw…some lazy poor helpless diva ran out, and knew not where to find more to restock for the next lass to enter the water closet.  This was a job for THE RESTOCK FAIRY!  (trumpets sound, no doubt startling the reader) I opened the bathroom door, peaked out, and not a soul was in site.  I closed the door, did a pirouette (smacking my knee on the door frame, but that was due to the confined space and NOT my lack of graceful moves) and presto-magico I was transformed into…THE RESTOCK FAIRY.  I whipped open the door and stomped angrily sounding like a herd of stampeding elephants gently opened the door and floated without a sound to the hall closet, retrieved multiple  rolls and stomped back to the bathroom slamming the door slipped silently back and closed the bathroom door.  Cramming 3 rolls into the drawer and reloading the roller after squishing the roll so it won’t roll smoothly for the next person Restocking the drawer with skills only possessed by us magical beings  I returned to my mortal form and got on with it.

This made me wonder this morning, as I was performing my magic over the coffee pot, did we have a RESTOCK FAIRY in our home when I was growing up?  We must have…I’m certain of it!  I certainly have NO idea where the stock of extra (shhhh) *whisper* toilet paper was to be found!  I only know that periodically it magically appeared in the bathroom shared by a tween and 3 teenagers.  MOM!  I KNEW IT!  She is a fairy too!  It must be a legacy handed down from one oldest daughter to the next.  *smirking*  Ha, I am special!  Hmm…though wondering, just how special is this role when I’m the schmuck that keeps having to restock the damn bathroom?

Until next time!

The Fairy


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