The Diaper Diaries ~ Changes (Other Than Diapers)

Yesterday I watched the one 7yo and her 2yo and 1yo siblings for the last time.  I knew the day would come and was just around the corner but still it came up on us so suddenly.

Their mom’s story is not mine to share, but because she works and has 3 kids she can get some assistance.  Aside from food  stamps she also qualifies for help in the form of vouchers for childcare.  I made an attempt to get certified as a type B provider in my county so I could accept vouchers for payment.  What a ridiculous series of hoops to jump through and hurdles to clear!!  I have no issue with criminal background checks, I don’t even have a parking ticket to my name.  But the other things you must do, classes that must be taken (never mind that I raised 2 kids of my own, 1 step daughter for years part time and was a kinship foster care mom for 4 kids for 1 year and MIGHT have a clue how to do this gig), it is all insane and next to impossible to achieve.  It was silly for the mama to work just to pay me for watching her kids,  which is about all she was doing as there wasn’t much left each week after paying for childcare and I wasn’t even charging what I would have for someone that wasn’t already holding one of the crappiest hands of fate cards I’ve ever seen.

The daycare job came at a time when we both needed each other.  The company I was working for was sinking fast despite the band playing on the deck like nothing was happening.  As the office manager I was privy to our accounts payable and receivable and the writing was in bold, uppercase red letters on the wall.  I got out just before the economy devoured that place and there I was once again out of work.  I was looking but frankly couldn’t face the idea of going back into corporate America, I wanted to work from home.  Once mom and I brain stormed it we realized that me babysitting might be the best route.  It left me home to work as I wanted, was enough money and I could start working Avon.  Win/win all around as I was able to tackle Mt. Washmore and other stuff around the house.  My mom of 3 had just had their white picket fence world turned completely on end and shattered.  For what her 7 year old endured at the hands of a man she called “daddy”, well I just hope there is a special place in the pits of hell for him.

It was a wonderful situation for the kids, mom had piece of mind and since April they’ve been a part of my life.  I’ve watched one come out of her shell, one become easier to understand as he learned to talk, and one go from not able to sit up  on her own to walking.  Yesterday I watched the 7yo’s heart break when she found out it was  their last day with Miss Marti.  I felt a crack or two in my own.

Today it is just me and the 5 month old.  The house is so QUIET.  I didn’t realize just how much I did until I’m sitting here not doing it.  There is more time to conquer the laundry, hold and rock the baby (heaven help her parents she is about to be even more spoiled rotten!), dishes, cleaning, social media, blogging and games.  I realized that I can stick the baby in a car seat now that it is just us during the day and run errands, or work the  Avon business with her cute little self “helping” me.  The other 7yo, the baby’s cousin, is only here for about 15-30 minutes in the morning and then 2 hours tops after school.

I’m praying the Avon works out well and that I won’t need to take on more kids so I have more time for the baby and for ME.

Time will tell….

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  1. Aw…How sad…but good that the Mom has her financial help that she deserves…and I am so hoping that the “daddy”is getting what he deserves also…not capitalized on purpose, by the way…

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