I Am Paying It Forward In Faith

One thing I believe is that every blessing we receive  is meant to be shared with those in need.  We pay it forward and it blesses others lives.  We receive a second blessing in giving what we have been given.

Nothing will rip my heart apart more than seeing anyone suffer, especially a child.  Every so often I will see one of those telethons for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, the one that is doing all they can to cure cancer and other catastrophic illnesses that attack children.  The stories will rip your heart out and many do not have a happy ending, though so many DO.  St. Jude’s never denies a child treatment based on their family’s inability to pay, which makes them outstanding.  They rely on donations to keep them up and running in the business of research and treatment to try to give these kids a fighting chance.

I was blessed that my kids grew up without these issues, and I give thanks often for this because they could just as easily have been one of those patients fighting for their life.

Avon has been a blessing to me, giving me extra income, allowing me to forge friendships  with other women and giving me the chance at a financially secure, debt free future.  One thing I want to always do is give back, pay it forward, in some way.

I am starting For The Children Friday.  Everyone who buys online or submits  their Avon order to me on Fridays, 20%  of their total will be donated to St. Jude’s.  So once a month I will donate 20% of the total Friday sales, both online and regular phone/email sales for that month.  Each Saturday I will post what the previous day’s sales were, and each month I will post the monthly Friday totals, and a copy of the receipt for my donation so that if anyone has any concerns about my actually doing this, that way I am accountable.

Beginning tomorrow, For The Children Friday begins.  Pray for this ministry of  mine, that it might be very successful…for the children.

To purchase Avon from me any day, but especially on Friday, CLICK HERE.