Outside Of The Box

She  is an amazing young woman.

Cute, blond, petite, spunky, intelligent, diamond in the rough, gentle, brazen, unsure and yet bold and confident.

Most of us live in a box, so we have to learn to think outside of the box.

She has  never been in the box, cannot imagine life in that box.  She sits outside of the box unable to comprehend it.

She has more energy than anyone you’ll know.

She  knows when she looks adorable, then needs someone to reassure her.

To know  her is to love her.

One minute you want to duct tape her to a chair, the next you feel her energy and it inspires you.

My bet is her IQ is off the charts.

Eccentric? Oh for certain.

Feminine and loves pink, and lace.

She wants to be a sniper.

A knock out in high heels and bling.

She wants to wear combat boots and a uniform and serve her  country.

I’m blessed and honored to know her, to share a home with her.

One minute she can make me crazy, but most of the time I just want to hug her.

She makes me laugh,  smile, and I’ve shed a few tears for her.

She’ll learn to kick ass,  take names, in high heels and without breaking a sweat.

Some knock her, and think she cannot do it.

I say back the hell up, shut the hell up and watch.

She signed up, leaves us in 250 days.

They will help her reach down inside herself, find who she really is, and pull up the strength and drive to be one of the few, the proud, the Marines.

She’ll serve her country.

And I’ll always be proud of her.

My niece.

Jeanne Bean.

I love you kiddo, you DO  have what it takes, pull it up and use it, you WILL succeed.