A Black Coffee Kind Of Life

I drink my coffee black…no cream or sugar. It is very simple, just straight coffee.  As I have gotten busier of late  with building my Avon business, I’ve started to see the need for my life to go black coffee as well.  Simple and easy, just straight without all the extras that simply are filler that make it taste sweeter but in reality just add unwanted, drag me down pounds.

One way I have already done this is to clean up my Twitter account. I stopped following over 100 Tweeters.  It isn’t anything personal, just that I noticed I was scrolling past oodles of tweets that I had missed because I didn’t have time to read them.  If I am not reading them, no point following them.  I am following a number of folks that I look to for inspiration and marketing ideas, in addition to family and close friends.  Those  are the tweets I wish to find in my feed at the moment.  No offense if I  stopped following you, just too busy right now.

Over the coming week, I will be making time to clean up my Facebook account.  I follow a lot of people on there that I simply ‘know’ in passing and really don’t have anything to do with in my life, those will be going too.  I will also be cleaning out my closet and drawers, purging a bunch of clothes I have no use for any longer.  Many were from a former time in my life that I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them now.  Others are things I haven’t worn in the 17 months since I moved into this home, so they obviously are not needed.

Scaling back and simplifying is something I’ve done periodically throughout my life, it is like cleansing the soul and mind.  Not necessarily bad things just ‘stuff’ that is cluttering up my mind, heart or time that I need to let go of so I can grow and move to the next chapter or stage in my life.  Even my television habits have under gone some purging, I only have a few shows that I really enjoy and care to spend time watching, and when I do have them on I am usually working on something at the same time to make it a profitable time spent.

I’ve not had the kind of time to devote to writing, which has to change as my blog is my therapy and being neglected.  In order to do that I need to make some adjustments to the way I am doing things and eliminate things I do that are just time wasters.

*sipping black coffee*  Time to start purging…