Me Time…

I’ve noticed that I’m not getting a lot of ‘me time’ lately.  Between 2 jobs I just don’t have much time left over.  Anyone that doesn’t think daycare is a job, has never done it.  It is difficult and what time I do have on the computer is interrupted constantly by at least one child if not all 3 of the ones I have all day.  But I do enjoy it so I’m not complaining.  Avon is hard work too, if you want it to be successful.  Not hard physically, especially now that I’m rolling and throwing the brochures from a moving car as opposed to walking them around.  But that takes time and planning.  I have a lot more to do than I had realized if I want this to be the money maker I know it can be.  But again,  not complaining at all, I love this business!  Mostly because I work for myself and set my own hours.  I’m a slave driver!

I’m at the end of a campaign, so it goes in tomorrow.  Orders are already online I just have to hit the final submit button come morning and it’s done.  I can now breathe for a night or two, relax a bit.  But I won’t.  Oh I have a glass of wine sitting here, but there is work to be done.  A new brochure to study, books to be read, I don’t feel I have the time to spend with online games like I wish I did.  Even when watching TV, most of the time I am multi-tasking by stamping and dating brochures.  I live for the day that I can do just the Avon, full time and really pour myself into it.  For now, I try to squeeze out as much time as possible.

Me time is nails and a hair cut.  Though even that is somewhat work related.  After all, would YOU buy cosmetics from someone that looked like they just crawled out from under a rock?  It’s like when I walk in a health food store and the person behind the counter looks like death walking, all skin and bones and chalky white skin.  NOT the picture of health if you ask me.  Sure, I want to be eating or drinking what you recommend, doesn’t everyone want to look like a starving vampire?  Having nice nails and my makeup on,  hair looking nice, goes a long way for selling Avon, at least I think so.

Me time is also a good book, though lately I’m reading books related to sales.  Not relaxing like a trashy romance novel, and it is work related stuff so I don’t count that as down time.  Blogging is me time too, therapy even. But lately I have only been keeping up regularly with my Avon blog, again work.  😦  I need to win the lottery.  I used to be somewhat of a procrastinator but that side of me has been swallowed up by the side of me that wants to succeed and make a lot of money.  Financial freedom, it IS what I most want, and to not have to worry about money anymore.  And I want to do what I love…working with people, marketing and selling great products.

I need to give myself an hour a day maybe, of me time.  To blog, pleasure read, play Farkle, anything as long as it is NOT work related and IS something I enjoy.


  1. Well, it’s THAT TIME of the month again…. Yep, AWARDS time. (I know you secretly love it when I do this to you). So, if you get a chance, wander, run, saunter, stroll, cartwheel, or slip on over to my blog, to pick it up. I promise this one isn’t as hard to do as the last one. LOL

    • LOL just saw that, and will do. Need to get to nap time today so I actually have enough time between feedings and diapers to do anything. Think I will wander though, pulled some serious muscles in my back, thinking cartwheels are out for a while.

  2. Because I have sleep issues very similar to yours, I have a house rule that “me time” starts at 9pm no matter what so I have an hour to wind down – however I choose to spend it – before I try to be in bed at 10pm. All work stops at 9pm. If it didn’t get done before then, it wasn’t that important – at least not more important than me feeling balanced.

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