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This has been a long week, and yet a short week.  Long in the sense that last week I only worked 3 days because I left Thursday morning to go camping so a full 5 days of kids and I am ready for the looney bin.  Short in that this week has flown by.  But again, I am so thankful it is the end of the week, I am totally worn out.  Some what from camping, and some from just not going to bed at a decent hour all week.

It has been an interesting week as well as long and short.  I’ve taken up reading again, an all time favorite hobby.  This time I am reading books that are recommended by those who have been very successful in sales.  My Avon idol, Lisa Wilber, and Joe Girard.  She is one of the ‘rich and famous’ of Avon, he is the record holder for world’s greatest salesman having sold over 13,000 cars in a 15 year period.  If these individuals and a short list of others were to recommend I stand on my head in the corner every day for an hour, I would do it.  They didn’t get to be making well into the 6 figure incomes, even when the economy is in the toilet, without knowing how to do sales and do it successfully.  So in reading the past few weeks I learned about the importance of writing down my goals.  Those that write their goals down, then keep them in front of them every day, almost always succeed.  So, I wrote mine down, all of which at this point pertain to my Avon business, and each night I grade myself.  I am a solid ‘B’ this week.  I have also seen ‘B’ results.  So, I know that if I push for the ‘A’ then I will see equivalent results for the effort.  Remember my name, you’ll be hearing it as one of Avon’s top sellers one day, mark my word!

My mom always encourages us by reminding us that the landscape of our lives will be very different in a year, and when I look back to a year ago today, yes things are very different.  Last year at this time I was looking back yet another year to when I was, at least I thought, happily married.  I was job hunting, having been layed off and was looking for a year at that point with no real luck.  But I was happy.  I was doing laundry, cleaning, and even *gasp* cooking!  I was enjoying being home with my daughter even if she was a college student, getting to know her all over again and enjoying being someone’s wife.  My spouse was the center of my world and heart.  A year later I was living with my mom, sister and 2 nieces in a new home, my divorce was final for about 2 months and I was struggling with peeling back the layers that I had hidden myself under for 22+ years.  I was rediscovering me and in the process making some really bad choices for myself.  I was in the midst of a rebound relationship that would leave me hurting all over again.  Later I’d become a brief rebound for someone else, and be hurt yet again. I was missing what had been my home, my kids, and the life I had for such a long time.

Now here I am yet another year out and things have changed.  I am no longer an office manager, after 2 more jobs fell victim to the economy.  I am a daycare provider and Avon representative.  My days are full of putter-butter filled diapers, baby formula puke on my shoulders, Backyardigans episodes, breakfasts, carpool, lunches, naps and snacks, stamping/dating/tossing brochures, building and motivating a team, learning sales techniques that work, meetings, recruiting, selling, ordering etc.  I know what it is like to work for myself, be my own boss, make my own hours, goals and I love it.  I’ve gotten past my shy side and can more comfortably approach strangers in an effort to get my brochure and name in anyone’s hands that might be a customer or recruit.  It isn’t easy but I’m getting better! Every other week I pick a day, put all 3 car seats in my back seat and load each with a baby or toddler, then pack several hundred rolled brochures into the front seat and I’m out throwing them on drive ways.  I have a good arm and aim, the paperboy is jealous I’m sure!  It only takes about 45 minutes and sometimes I’m riding along singing to the radio, throwing those books, and surrounded by the odor of a dirty diaper on one of the kids.  I am certain one day I will find this all very amusing as I share my story of rising to the top of success.

I am in a very special relationship, one that is committed, and so different from anything I’ve ever known.  Love and respect is mutual, things are unfolding at a steady pace, not too fast and not too slow. I know what it feels like to be spoiled now, with affection, attention, and little gifts of love, and to be important to someone.  I know what respect is, and I gladly give it.  We have each other’s back and heart, and it is truly something special. (you know it has to be true love to get me to sleep in a tent for 3 nights!)  I don’t know what the future holds, and don’t want to get my hopes up too high, but when you start out from the first meeting, knowing when you look in someones eyes that you’ve met a soul mate, it’s hard not to dream just a  little. 🙂

Another year from now, it will be interesting to see where things sit on my life’s landscape! Some things I ‘know’, I’ll have a daughter-in-law and a step-granddaughter.  Of course that could change too I suppose but that is the one thing that looks at least like a for sure since the wedding date for my son is set.  Everything else will  have to wait to be seen.


  1. Yep, I’d have to agree. Never in a million years would I have forseen the changes that you (me too for that matter) have been through. What an interesting ride it’s been so far. I have a feeling, deep down inside of me, that 2012 is going to be a Game Changer on many many fronts. So, hang on girl !!!

    Have a great week !

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