Love Will Make You Lose Your Mind…

This week I will return to my childhood roots and do something I have not done since high school.  It is something I swore I would NEVER do again.  But just like when my first marriage ended and I made a personal oath to never iron another man’s shirt as long as I lived, love makes us do strange things.  Actually, it causes us to take complete leave of our senses.

When I was growing up, in fact from what I am told it began shortly after I was born, my parents took us camping.  I have been all over this great country and seen so many very cool things.  Once I was in high school my parents opted to go the route of hotels when we  traveled.  I have many fond memories of camping, but some not so fond.  Sorry but creepy crawly things in the showers is not my idea of excitement or my version of communing with nature.  I  like a warm, comfortable bed, lots of pillows, climate controlled and room service.  Motel 6 is about as close to camping as I ever planned to go again.  That is all about to change.

On Saturday is the annual Stonelick State Park Halloween Campout, “Costume, pumpkin & campsite decorating contests, hayrides, trick or treat & hobo stew” and it is a family tradition in the Count’s family to be there.  In fact Mama Count is already out there, set up with the camper (a rather impressive, comfy one at that), and the Count and I will be going out Thursday through Saturday.  Originally I had said I’d drive out on Saturday for the day.  Then it became I’d stay Friday and Saturday at the local Holiday Inn Express, about 15 minutes away.  Then it was we’d stay in the camper Thursday through Sunday with Mama Count.

Me as Cruella

Now? Well plans have changed and the Count and I are staying in his 2 room tent on the site.  Yes, you read that right, a TENT.  So much for personal vows of celibacy from sleeping under the protection of canvas and a zipper, encased in a sleeping bag. He assures me that my personal comfort is his personal priority.  I’ve lost my ever lovin’ mind, the things we do for love.

I will suck it up, put on my big girl panties and have a blast.  We spent the day there Sunday helping set up camp for Mama Count and it was very nice.

I actually find myself looking forward to waking up to the sounds of nature around me and fresh coffee in the cool morning air.  Maybe not so much walking to the bathroom or showers (to once again be showering in flip flops with daddy long leggers around), but I DO have fond memories from camping as a kid so this should be a good time.  I might even pack my costume and dress up, since I have one for Cruella De Vil and it would be nice to participate.  🙂

OH and don’t you know that The Count once again has surprised me with a cute  gift.  I’m going to grow spoiled rotten at this rate.  He bought me to cutest go-cup for coffee, ceramic with a black cat on it.  No reason other than he was thinking of me while out and about.  Guess that black cat is what made him think of me?  It’s funny, the man who dislikes (hates) cats, finding cute things with a black cat on it, just like my beautiful cat, Pixel.  I will be using it here at home, then taking it with me to use at camp.

I’ll be sure to write about my adventure, maybe even blog right there from the tent.