Grand-Clucker, Fuzzy Slippers And Wine

My feet are all snug right now in my new slippers, all cushy, fuzzy and warm.  I’m in my jammies and have a glass of wine on the desk next to my laptop.  Celtic harp music is playing softly in the background,  I am very relaxed at the moment.

Right off I suppose I will apologize to my readers, this was a long and busy week that didn’t leave a lot of time to blog.  When I did have some time…the creativity team in my brain was on strike and I couldn’t come up with much of anything to write about.  That sucks when you are feeling the NEED to write and nothing is there.  I also have been very busy soaking up information like a sponge for my Avon business, reading everything I could find from those ladies that are at the top in sales, after all they are in the ‘know’ when it comes to how to do this and make great money.  My idol is Lisa Wilber, making over $300,000 a year (yes she has proven this by displaying her income tax return at conventions and speaking engagements), has much out there so I’ve been all over her site, blog, and online documents for tips and I’m finding great stuff.  Mark my words, I WILL be a huge success at this, I LOVE doing it, have a blast working it, and I want to be debt free and make a lot of money.  If you know me you know that if I get stubborn about something, I own it.

I often talk about my grand-dog, Penny, my daughter’s adorable little yorkie.  I call her the grand-dog because neither of my kids are yet married or have produced off spring.  I DO prefer they get things in the correct order and wed before they start producing little versions of themselves, so no rush.  I currently have 3 grand-dogs,   multiple grand-hamsters and gerbils, grand-bunnies, a grand-bird, grand-fish, grand-frogs….lots of grand-critters many of you might have.  But how many of you can lay claim to a grand-clucker?  Yes, as in a chicken.  Ellie Mae Jenkins is my grand-clucker.

Ellie Mae Jenkins - my grand-clucker

Yes my wonderful, vet-tech daughter has all of those grand-critters (except for one of the dogs which is my son’s, a min-pin named Elvis), including the chicken.  Her chickens (2 of them) lay eggs which is rather cool.  Oh, and um…they wear diapers.  Yep, she actually found diapers for chickens and purchased one.  It seems this enables her to have said bird in the house should she so desire.  I know I know, the poor kid is in need of therapy.  I blame her father.  Not that the ex did anything wrong or is a bad dad….but never claim responsibility for the freak-gene, always lay the blame on the other parent’s gene pool.  I am not sure which I find more disturbing…that she has pet chickens, that they wear diapers, or that she gives them full names!  I love that child.

I  surprised myself today.  Have you ever been out to eat and seen some lone soul dinning at a table and felt sorry for them?  I have, and have thought that there was no way I could be out to eat by myself, it would be awful.  Well I stand corrected.  I needed to meet with a new recruit for her second training session today, so I chose a restaurant that I dearly loved in the past when the ex and I used to ride the Harley on a nice, weekend morning.  My recruit lives nearby so I decided to go there.  I arrived way earlier than our meeting time because I had finished all of my other to-do list items.  I still had some work to do, fund raiser letters to sign and stuff in envelopes and address, and some reading to do.  Feeling light headed because it is after noon, and I had not eaten yet today, I ordered lunch.  Honestly I wanted to wait on the recruit but it is tricky to train while passed out from lack of nutrition.  I finished my paperwork before the food arrived so I spent my time stuffing my face while I read a motivational sales book.  At one point it dawned on me that there I was, all alone, eating lunch and not only did it not feel weird, it was kind of nice!  I had peace and was able to just relax for a bit doing two things I enjoy…reading and eating!

Now I am wrapping up the day sipping my glass of wine and thinking an early bedtime is in order.  Big day tomorrow touring a mansion with my honey, and I am way behind on sleep so snuggling in deep and visiting dreamland sounds like a good idea to me.

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  1. While company is usually nice, I have to say I LOVE eating alone too. Especially for lunch – I take myself out to Panera for lunch on a pretty regular basis. I usually spend time jotting out ideas for the blog, making grocery lists & meal plans for the week, and/or reading a few chapters of a book in peace. Not to mention – the fun of people watching! I’ve also had it where people who come in to pick up something to go (b/c they don’t want to eat alone) don’t hesitate to come over & sit down the way that they might have if I were with someone they didn’t know. I’ve ended up with quite a few unexpected lunch dates with old friends or acquaintances that way. FUN!

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