BEAUTY ON A BUDGET ~ Beauty Bucks!

Yes I am giving away Beauty Bucks!  $1 in Beauty Bucks for every $10 spent in this current (#19) campaign!  These Beauty Bucks are valid for 6 months toward a future campaign order.  You can collect them and use them all at once, or $1 here and there, your choice!

Refer a customer to me that spends $30 or more and I’ll give you $5 in Beauty Bucks!!!!  Just be sure they tell me you sent them and I’ll mail you $5 in Beauty Bucks to spend on the future campaigns over the next 6 months! Remember, Christmas is coming and the holiday brochures will be full of beautiful gifts and decorations you can spend those Beauty Bucks on!!

Click the Avon Catalog on the side bar or the beauty buck below to go to my site to place your order!