Morning Coffee Musings ~ Holiday Weekend Edition

Y..A..W..N….  it felt SO good to sleep in this morning.  Weekdays for me are truly more of a job than I think even I realized.  My hat is off to the stay-at-home moms, not sure how they do it with no break on the weekends.  Face it, MOST dads out there don’t have a clue what their partners do all day and rarely think to give her a break.  Not to mention that trying to sleep in, in the house with all the activity, even if the other parent is handling it, is likely close to impossible.

While I do manage to find moments to check Facebook, proof a blog before I publish it, etc, most of the time I am busy and don’t have time to concentrate on anything in depth.  Between 7am when the first one arrives, till 5:30ish when the last ones leave, I’m busy!  Feedings, changing diapers, getting breakfast fed to 3 of the 5 that will cross my day, putting one on the school bus, packing 4 in the car to take one to school, coming home and changing diapers, kids from pajamas to clothes (on 2 of them), feeding the baby again, holding and burping her, keeping the toddlers occupied and not fighting over toys, cleaning up breakfast, unloading and loading the dishwasher, wiping down the kitchen, start some peppermint iced tea brewing on the stove,  put the baby down to sleep, change the litter box, feed the cats, start some laundry, break up a toddler squabble, check Facebook, stamp  and date some Avon brochures, get mini Try-it kits together to give customers, flip the laundry, get the 1yo a bottle, feed the baby, burp and change the baby, get baby settled in bouncy seat or in the front chest carrier because she is gassy and wants to be held, fix lunch, feed the toddlers….. yes that is just the morning.  It is why my blogs have not been posting as frequently.  I work on them at night but it is rare I have them ready to submit and during the day my brain is just too occupied with other things to devote much to them.  My idol is Mama Kat over at Mama’s Losin’ It, she is one of the best bloggers and runs an at home daycare as well.

In between there I do manage to keep the fun, loving,  flirty texts going with the Count as he is working, which is keeping our relationship FUN.  Somewhere in there I even manage to eat something and keep the coffee flowing.  On a good day, my sister is around working on her Avon business and will pick up my slack somewhere when she is able.  That is a huge help.

Throughout the day I am hunting down and thinking up new ideas for working my Avon business, and now contemplating doing Thirty-One Gifts as well.  I know, when? LOL.  My goal is to one day be one of those ladies in Avon that doesn’t do anything else. She is a beauty consultant and sales representative full time and making BIG money!  I watch the Avon stories, chat forums etc, there are women making 6 figure incomes at this, I want to be one of them.  No wait, I WILL  be one of them.  I realize it takes a few years of dedication and training, along with hard work, but that is okay with me!  It is something I love doing and want to be a success.  Sometimes I start to get discouraged, forgetting I have only been at this 6 months.  I lose sight of the fact that I am on the fast track to making President’s Club, the first major level of achievement in sales.  I just want it all, NOW!  🙂

I wish I was able to spend a bit more of this holiday weekend doing NOTHING but enjoying the presence of the Count. But he is working some of it, and I have to work too.  Instead of 2 days, I have 3 to work on Avon, keep taking the online training so I can indeed be a beauty and skin care expert and consultant that knows her stuff!  But I will be with the Count too, and get to enjoy being the center of someone’s attention and love for a while, and make him the center of mine.

Life certainly is no where I even imagined it being this time last year.  I was an office manager for Color World House Painting, had been living in the Diva Den with mom, sis and 2 nieces for 4 months, divorce final for 1 month and hurting badly.  I didn’t think I’d ever love again, especially not deeper and better than anything I had known before.  I had no idea where my life was headed and I was a mess.  Who knew so much good was headed my way and so much happiness with a new love?  Who knew I’d finally ditch corporate America and do something I had often thought might be rewarding (daycare) and start into a job in sales with products I absolutely love and believe in?     I am the most blessed, and fortunate woman I know.  AND the most loved by the most wonderful man.  I love being me, I LOVE MY LIFE!


  1. Have you considered doing Stella & Dot? I know a couple reps doing Thirty-One, but I haven’t seen anyone local in the Stella & Dot market. Might be something to consider.

  2. Isn’t it nice to have some “experience” under your belt (your own kids, and other men) so that now you can relax and just do what comes naturally and fun? The first time around, we never know what to expect. Now, when you take care of kids it’s because you “want” to instead of “have” to. And you can enjoy the Count because you “want” a man, and don’t “need” a man. I’m really happy for you too !! You deserve it.

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